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New Knit in Progress {using the Butterfly Stitch}

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New knit in progress...

I’m making a new hat. {I’m not sure if I like it yet… I’ll decide when I get to try it on} It’s hard to see the “butterflies” Maybe it would make a better blanket. Hmmm…. what do you think?

The blanket I’m sitting on was made by my great-grandmother. I wish I would’ve gotten to know her better, She passed away when I was 19. I will always treasure this blanket though! The memories of it keeping me warm when we were at the family reunion… sitting by a campfire, falling asleep listening to the laughter of “old” people reminiscing.

Oh… and the spider man socks. LOL! My son got them for Christmas one year and he doesn’t like them because they’re ankle socks and I love them. They’re so comfy! My dog goes crazy every time I put them on. He only goes crazy for the “spider-socks” though. Weird! I love our crazy family though :)

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  1. mrrc743

    I can’t see the Butterflies in the hat. Do like the color and are you using the thick and quick yarn? Very pretty. mollie

    • Jennifer Thompson

      Hi Mollie,

      It took me a few tries to see the butterflies in the pattern. I was making my YO’s too tight, so I had to loosen them up a bit and after a few repeats I got better at it ;) Thank you! I am using Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick yarn in the color Fisherman. I hope you enjoy the rest of the series. In doing this series I learned that I don’t like all of the stitches. However, there are a lot that I like and some that I LOVE, so I’m going to focus on the ones I like and let go of the ones that I’m not so fond of ;) There are lots of stitches out there to choose from, so knit with the ones that you enjoy :)

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