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Diligence Boot Cuffs Knitting PatternDay 1 : Diligence Boot Cuffs Knitting Pattern

Wisdom Slouchy Hat Knitting PatternDay 2 : Wisdom Slouchy Hat Knitting Pattern

Determination Fingerless Gloves Knitting PatternDay 3 : Determination Fingerless Gloves Knitting Pattern

Simplicity Boot Cuffs Knitting PatternDay 4 : Simplicity Boot Cuffs Knitting Pattern

Unity Slouchy Hat Knitting PatternDay 5 : Unity Slouchy Hat Knitting Pattern

Reflection Boot Cuffs Knitting PatternDay 6 : Reflection Boot Cuffs Knitting Pattern

Honesty Boot Cuffs Knitting PatternDay 7 : Honesty Boot Cuffs Knitting Pattern

Relaxing Boot Cuffs Knitting PatternDay 8 : Relaxing Boot Cuffs Knitting Pattern

Respect Boot Cuffs Knitting PatternDay 9 : Respect Boot Cuffs Knitting Pattern

Reasonable Boot Cuffs Knitting PatternDay 10: Reasonable Boot Cuffs Knitting Pattern

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Knit 10 Gifts in 10 Days Knitting Pattern eBook!


This PDF eBook includes 10 knitting patterns to knit in 10 days!

:) About the Pattern:
Mixed knit in-the-round or knit flat
Knit & purl stitches
Cable Stitches
These vary from beginner to intermediate.
Most are beginner patterns.

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