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Tools you need to run your online knitting business
Hi there! I’m Jennifer, the designer & creator here at Brome Fields.
Welcome to the place where I share my business tools.
As much as I love knitting, I love running my own business even more!
I’ve put together a list of tools and websites I strongly recommend for building and running your own business.
I use every recommendation on this page, without these tools Brome Fields wouldn’t be where it is today.

WordPress Blog:

I use WordPress to create my website. I’ve been using it for over 5 years.

You can sign-up for free on wordpress.com, but I recommend buying a domain name and using a hosting provider so you can own a corner of the internet.

In the beginning, it costs less than $200 a year to have your own shop, you can’t beat that. That’s less than one months electric bill for a physical shop.


To get started with videos I used YouTube. It’s a free service and you can grow a following and get found in search engine results. I think YouTube is a great place to get started to make sure you like doing videos.

Vimeo makes it possible for my videos to be private, so they’re only accessible to people with the direct link. I use these links in my patterns to add value by offering video tutorials.

Social Media Sharing Buttons:

This is a vital part of your business. Getting others to share your stuff, whether it is a pattern, product or blog post.

The more people that see it more friends you make, so the best way to do this is to make your stuff easy to share.

There’s a free version and you can upgrade to a paid version. I definitely recommend trying the free version for awhile get used to it, see how it works and then upgrade if you like it. I would recommend upgrading sooner than later because you can personalize each post or product and that’s easier to do when you have 25 to update, not so fun when you have 300 ;) Just say’n.

I think this is the best one on the market. All of the bloggers I follow use this plugin, and that’s saying something!

Search Engine Optimization:

This is a whole topic all on it’s own. You can spend months researching this and still not know it all and the rules are always changing ;) Google is just keep’n ya on your toes.

Yoast SEO is on it! They keep up with what’s new, they have free stuff and paid products and lots of training courses.

Use the free stuff until you’re ready to up your game, it’s important to be found through organic searches on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

CDN = Content Delivery Network:

This is techy stuff. Essentially what this does is take a picture of your website, store it on multiple cloud servers so your website runs faster for your visitors.

They have a free plan, so you can see what it’s all about, or tell your webmaster that you’d like to use this service. If you go with InMotion Hosting, they know all about it because they’re the one’s that recommended it to me :)

What is a CDN?

Web Hosting Provider:

I use InMotion Hosting. I’ve been with them for over a year now.

I currently have a dedicated server. They helped me get everything set up and transferred over to them.

If you’re just starting out I recommend using their WordPress or Business Hosting plan, which ever fits your business model.

WordPress Theme:

I use Kadence Virtue WordPress Theme. I’ve been using this theme for over 5 years.

They keep up with WordPress updates and they have a great support forum area, so you can research your question to see if it’s already been asked and answered.

I recommend trying their free version. I started with their free version and very quickly upgraded to their paid version.

They have so many options, I get lost in all the options {in a good way… I like all the designing options.}

Bulk eMail Service Provider:

I’ve been using Mailchimp as long as I’ve been sending out emails.

They have a great free version for up to 2K subscribers.

This gave me lots of time to learn their system. There’s actually a lot to learn. I recommend doing your research on different providers, so you don’t have to switch in the future.

I’m happy with Mailchimp and have no plans to switch to another provider :)

Shopping Cart:

My shop is powered by WooCommerce.

This is a free and powerful WordPress plugin.

Social Media Scheduler:

This is the only tool I use for social media. It helps me stay focused, so I don’t go down the Pinterest Rabbit Hole. If you’ve gotten on Pinterest and then looked at the clock to realize 3 hours has passed, then you know what I’m talking about :)

I spend money on this and I feel like it’s way worth it. Keeping up with all the social media accounts is time consuming and I don’t want to hire an assistant to work on my social media calendar. I look at this product as my Social Media Assistant. I create all the content, I just tell it when to post, so I’m not at the mercy of a clock, peak pinning, or posting times.

This product gives me the freedom to work when I want to.

I use this for Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and sometimes Twitter {I’m not on Twitter much}

Top 10 Tools For Your Craft Business by Brome Fields by Brome Fields
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