Video : How to Sew a Button on a Knitted Cowl

In this video I show you how I sew a handmade wood button on a hand knitted cowl. ;) Warning: Sewing on a button is not glamorous. ;)

Video: Fair Isle Knitting

Learn how to knit a simple fair isle stitch to create little hearts for your boot cuffs. You can use this stitch for hats & cowls too. :)

Video: How to Unknit {correct a mistake when knitting}

In this video I briefly describe how to unknit when you notice that you made a mistake a few stitches back…

Video : How to Sew Up a Moss Stitch Seam

In this video I’m finishing up a cowl I knitted using the moss stitch {currently my favorite stitch} and I’m going to show you how I sew up the seam.

Video: How to Join a New Skein of Yarn when Knitting

When you’re project requires more than one skein of yarn you’ll need to join the second skein.

Video: How to Fix Knit and Purl Stitches

Have you ever been knitting and noticed a mistake a few rows back, or maybe I’m the only person this has happened to? Just in case I’m not the only one I

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