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Cozy Spring Fashion Ideas

Hoodie or Hooded Sweatshirt?:

First of all, I’m a self proclaimed hoodie expert. I love hoodies and take them very seriously.

My definition of a hoodie is a sweatshirt with a hood and a pocket pouch.
This particular sweatshirt is not quite a hoodie… it doesn’t have a pouch.

Making it a hooded sweatshirt…
:( Which makes me a little sad.


  • Their website states “made from our super soft fleece”. I wouldn’t call this fleece.
  • It isn’t made of typical “sweatshirt” material.
  • It’s light and breezy and cool to the touch.
  • Being light & airy it might even be great this summer when there’s a slight breeze.
  • It keeps you cool by keeping the heat of the sun off your skin too! :)

Some more details:

It’s a little on the long side, so it’s great for taller folks.

It’s definitely oversized. I typically wear medium, but after reading the reviews I got a small and it’s perfectly oversized for me.

As for the color, they call this cream, but I’d call it more of a peaches & cream.

{FYI – I’m 5’9 about 130#}

The hoodie on the left is an LL Bean Fleece Hoodie, which is ivory.
The hoodie on the right is the American Eagle Hooded Sweatshirt, which I’d say is “Peaches & Cream.”
{FYI – The faux fur blanket behind them is white.}

Cotton Spring Sweater