I know technology can be a bit confusing, so I’m going to go through an example of what it looks like to purchase a knitting pattern and how to find it once you purchase it.
Kitting Pattern Section Screenshot

Step 1:

Find the knitting pattern section.

Click on “Patterns” in the main menu. {blue arrow}

Now choose a category to view.

Step 2:

Choose the pattern you’d like to knit.

I’m choosing the top right hat for my example.

Step 3:

Now you can click the “Add to Cart” button. {blue box}

Step 4:

Click the “View Cart” button. {blue arrow}

Each time you add a pattern to the cart a message will appear above the photo.

Step 5:

Click the “Proceed to Checkout” button. {blue arrow}

Step 6:

Choose a payment method. PayPal or Stripe

If choosing PayPal, select the radial button to the left of PayPal.

Then click the “Proceed to PayPal” button. {blue arrow}

Step 7:

After returning from the PayPal process, click the “DOWNLOAD” button.

When you click the “DOWNLOAD” button a pop-up box will appear.

Save your new knitting pattern PDF file on your computer, phone or tablet.

Choose a location where you’ll be able to find it again.

You can access your patterns at any time through the My Account link at the top of any Brome Fields web page or in the menu if you’re on your phone.

If you have any questions please email me: jennifer {at} bromefields.com.