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So, fall is in full swing and I’ve brought all my indoor plants back inside for the coming winter and they need a home.

If you follow me on Pinterest you may have noticed that I started a new board called Macrame Planters and spammed it with all the lovely hanging macrame planters that I could find!

I got all my supplies together and started on a project when I realized that I’m just not into it. They’re so beautiful and I want to learn and love it, but my heart really wants to do something it already knows… so I decided to knit a plant hanger.

I’m a knitter, it can’t be so hard!

Lo and behold I created a plant hanger planter that I love and can call mine!

It’s not perfect. The yarn I used {Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick} is stretchy, which isn’t the ideal yarn to use when making this.

I think a cotton yarn would be much better.

I’ll definitely be making more using cotton yarn!

So here’s a free plant hanger knitting pattern for all you lovely gardening knitters!

Time it took me to knit: 4-6 hours
Dimensions {laying flat}: 20″ {51cm} tall x 5” {13cm} wide

Approximately 65-80 yards of a super bulky yarn
I used Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick, Fisherman
Size 11 {8mm} needles with 24″ {61cm} circular cable
Size 11 {8mm} double pointed needles {DPN’s}
Darning needle, or tool of choice to weave in ends
Ring, wood or metal key ring
Felting Kit, optional


Video: How to Knit a Plant Hanger {Part 1}:

CO 4 or 5 STS, depending on how many “arms” you want, placing a stitch marker between each stitch.

Knit using the magic-loop-method, or double pointed needles.

Split 2 or 3 STS on each side.
Note: You’ll be increasing a stitch on either side of the cast-on stitch.

Round 1: *INC1, K1, INC1, SM* repeat 4 or 5 times, depending on how many STS you CO
Round 2: *INC1, K3, INC1, SM*
Round 3: *INC1, K5, INC1, SM*
Round 4: *INC1, K7, INC1, SM*
Round 5: *INC1, K9, INC1, SM*

Working one side at a time. Slip your first section of STS onto your DPN’s.
We’re going to knit flat now and start decreasing the STS.

Round 06: *K2TOG TBL, K7, K2TOG*
Round 7, 9, 11: *P*
Round 08: *K2TOG TBL, K5, K2TOG*
Round 10: *K2TOG TBL, K3, K2TOG*
Round 12: *K2TOG TBL, K1, K2TOG*

You should have 3 STS remaining. Knit an i-cord to your desired length.
I made mine 15”, which hangs to 20” with my plant in it.

You don’t need to bind it off, just pull the tail through all 3 remaining stitches.
Leave the tail on each “arm” 4ft {122cm} long, too much is better than not enough.
Repeat rounds 6-12 for each “arm”

Before tying the “arms” together, sew the 4 gaps created when INC1 twice in a row and weave in the ends.

Video: Sewing the seams together {Part 2}:


Have your ring handy and bring all 4 or 5 arms together and tie into a double knot.
Before tying it I recommend placing your plant inside and holding it up and let it hang to make sure the arms are the same length and it’s balanced. It’s nice to have an extra set of hands here, just in case the plant topples over ;)

With all that extra tail you’ll want to wrap the top couple of inches under the ring to secure it better, seen in the video.

Lightly “felt” the top 2” where you wrapped the tail to secure it better, also seen in the video, you don’t want this thing going anywhere! :)

Video: How to secure the ring to the hanging planter {Part 3}:

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Knitted Plant Hanger Knitting Pattern


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I offer this pattern for FREE, to the left, which is supported by ads, or you can purchase the ad-free PDF above.

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How to Knit a Plant Hanger, FREE Knitting Pattern
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