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Video Yarn Review: Morehouse Farm, Bulky Yarn

I’m so happy to introduce you all to one of my all time favorites ;)

I’ve been using their yarn for about as long as I’ve been knitting and it’s still one of my favorites.

It’s hard to choose just 1 favorite, this is definitely in my top 3 favorites.

Yes, I love it that much!

I’ve searched high & love for an all natural wool that’s raised and spun in the USA.

They use very little chemicals and offer all natural, undyed versions of their yarn.

This yarn is super soft, super warm and not in the slightest bit itch!

I just love their story. You can learn more about Morehouse Farm on their website.

Here are a few patterns I’ve created using Morehouse Farm wool:

Love Boot Cuffs

Love Fingerless Gloves

Love Slouchy Hat with Pom

Vigilance Boot Cuffs

Integrity Boot Cuffs

Beauty Cowl

Meek Leg Warmers

Video Yarn Review! See how it knits up! Morehouse Farms, Bulky Yarn... it's a must have!