BO {Bind-off} in pattern
C4B {Cable 4 Back}
C6B {Cable 6 Back}
C4F {Cable 4 Front}
C6F {Cable 6 Front}
CO {long tail cast-on method}
INC1 {Increase 1 stitch}
K1FB {Knit 1 Front Back}
K2TOG {Knit 2 Together}
K2TOG+1 {Knit 2 Together plus one}
P1FB {Purl 1 Front Back}
P2TOG {Purl 2 Together}
PM {Place Marker}
PSSO {Pass Slipped Stitch Over}
S1 {Slip 1 stitch}
SM {Slip Marker}
SSK {Slip, Slip, Knit}
YO {Yarn Over}

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