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Yarn Review : Feeling Good Yarn by Wool and the Gang

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Feeling Good Yarnicon by Wool and the Gang comes in 14 different colors.

Name : Feeling Good Yarnicon
Brand : Wool and the Gang
Yarn fibers : 70% Baby Alpaca, 7% Merino and 23% Nylon
Needle size : US 8 / 5mm
Gauge : 3.5 stitches per 1” / 2.5cm
Weight : Aran
Yardage : 142 yards / 130m
Unit weight : 50gr / 9 wpi
Machine wash : Hand wash in cold water, air dry, no iron.

Feeling Good Yarnicon is sustainably produced in the Andean Highlands, supporting Peru’s remote alpaca growing communities. The yarn is made using a distinctive cage structure where air pressure blows the Alpaca/Merino into the cage, the result being a highly durable yarn with lots of volume!” {quoted from Wool and the Gang}

Video Yarn Review: Feeling Good Yarn by Wool and the Gangicon

Highly durable is an understatement AND it’s super soft, like a baby bunny.

I’ve been hoarding this yarn for months trying to decide what I want it to be.

Honestly, I still don’t know what I want it to be… a pullover vest, a hoodie, a sweater.

I’m keeping my options open. It mainly depends on how much yarn it takes to knit each one.

I know I want to design a top that’s long and cozy, so I don’t know where my journey will end, which adds an element of excitement.

I don’t want to set my heart on one thing and then be disappointed because it ends up being something else… I just go with it.

Video Yarn Review: Feeling Good Yarn by Wool and the Gangicon

I just started the 3rd ball of yarn, so I think I have enough to do a hoodie! {Nope, I don’t have my heart set on one thing here… yeah right!}

If I do have enough to make a hoodie, you know I’ll do my best to eliminate seams… my nemesis, and create a video to show you how I created it.

I do my best to make my patterns easy to recreate.

Hoodies are my “comfort clothes.” I know that sounds weird, but I’ve heard people talk about comfort food, like mac & cheese or potato soup, something hearty that brings back fond memories of their childhood.

Like comfort food, I have “comfort clothes” singular though, I only feel that way about hoodies.

I love when the season changes to fall and I get to put a hoodie on… it just feels good.

I feel warm and safe and at peace.

To take that feeling to the next level, I need to be warming myself by a campfire… {deep breathe} such wonderful memories.

I don’t reminisce very often, but it sure does feel good.

Please take a moment to reminisce and share your “comfort clothes”
story in the comments below :)


Update 3/6/2018:

I finished my hoodie knitting pattern {you can get more details here}.

So, I wanted to give you an update on the yarn.

As soon as I was finished with this hoodie, I wore it! :)

I didn’t block it and I love the look of it.

On the softness scale… I wish I would’ve washed it first. It was a little itchy for a few hours, but then it was fine. I’m not sure if my skin got used to it or if it just soften up. I definitely recommend washing it to make it softer.

Now on the warmness scale… it’s super warm! :) I’m always cold and I usually wear a long sleeved t-shirt under my sweaters, but I made this sweater a little snug, so I couldn’t wear a t-shirt underneath, thankfully!, I would’ve burned up. I did wear a tank top under it and no jacket and it was about 40F, which I consider very cold and my sweater kept me warm and cozy! No coat required.

It was so nice not wearing 5 layers to keep warm. I really need to rethink my wardrobe, so I don’t have to wear so many layers.

Just finished my hoodie sweater and I think there's enough yarn left-over to make leg warmers :)iconAnd there’s enough left-over to make a pair of leg warmers!!!


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This yarn looks so soft! I like that you showed us how strong it is. My comfort Knit is one of the first cowls I made using the seed stitch. I still wear it every winter :)
Thank you Jennifer for a great review. I am now considering buying this yarn.