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Modified Cup Cozy Pattern into a Headband {I couldn’t help it!}

My intentions…
{This Fancy Coffee Mug Cozy was going to be a teachers gift} So, yeah I know schools been in for like a month and I’m just now getting around to making teachers gifts. Better late than never, right!? I’ve had several patterns in que for quite a while and I’m finally getting around to making one. The first pattern I chose is a fancy mug cozy designed by Kerstin Hipski.


What actually happened…
So, I really was going to make this Fancy Coffee Mug Cozy but as I’m following the pattern, to a Tee, just as it’s written I got to my last set and fell in love with the pattern and decided it must become a headband! So, I knit another 4 sets, bound it off and then sewed up the seam and viola! I now have a headband… or should I make another to gift to a teacher? One of the teachers does like headbands. I think it’s a win-win! I’ll knit another!


I used Lion Brand Heartland Yarn in Kings Canyon green. I think it’s more of an Emerald Green though!


Something you might learn in this pattern is the difference between right hand vs left hand decrease stitches.


It fits well with glasses too!


I love this pattern!


Tip: I recommend counting the 16 pearl stitches on all of the even rows so that you know you have the correct amount of stitches one row before you realize you have forgotten to yarn over to create an extra stitch ;) {No, I’m not speaking from experience.}


Thank you Kerstin Hipski for this lovely, easy to follow FREE knitting pattern!