Quick & Easy Knitting Patterns

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Popular Cozy Patterns

Modern day patterns to cozy-up in!

Popular Knitting Patterns!

Knit your cozy closet.

a cozy setting with chunky knit socks, coffee, candles and a blanket.
knitted headband on a white blanket
model wearing leg warmers in a cozy setting with a coffee, candle and a blanket & slippers.
a model wearing a hand knitted modern poncho sweater
pics of an Oversized Cowl Knitting Pattern on a model.
model wearing a chunky slouchy knitted hat

Cozy Blanket Knitting Patterns

Add a touch of warmth & style to any room.

Cozy Shrug Patterns

Are you looking for your first garment knitting pattern? Each one of these patterns are knit flat, in a rectangle, with 2 seams to create the sleeves. It just doesn’t get any easier than that!

model wearing a hand knit patchwork shrug
model wearing a hand knitted shrug
knitted shrug on a model
cozy knitted shrug on a model

Everyday Beginner Shawls

Browse all Shawl patterns