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I’m Jennifer, the creator behind Brome Fields, a place to inspire you to knit a life of love.

Brome Fields Friendship headband hand knitted by Jennifer Thompson

I started Brome Fields to share my love of simple knitting patterns in classic designs.
When I first learned to knit I had a hard time reading patterns.
They were wordy and complicated and they left me feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.
So, I decided to start writing patterns in a way that made sense to me… Brome Fields was born.

The creator of #100daysofknitstitches
{over 3,100 people who have completed this challenge!}:

100 Days of Knit Stitches

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Published in Quick + Easy Knits in the Winter 2017 Interweave Magazineicon

Jennifer sitting while looking at Interweave magazineicon

Quoted in Willow & Sage, my favorite magazine, Summer 2018.

Quirky thing about me…
I like to knit and do yoga… simultaneously :)

Knitting Yoga

What I love about knitting:

Brings me peace
It’s my creative outlet
Teaching others how to knit
Giving warmth through donations
It’s meditative, I get lost in the stitches

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