About Brome Fields

:) My passion for knitting all started when I was shopping online for cute socks and all I could find were knitting patterns for cute socks. I was in shock and awe. Shocked because I couldn’t just buy these super cute socks and in awe because I could learn to make a pair of these super cute socks. So, off i went to learn how to knit and then i couldn’t quit. Uh oh! The stacks grew taller and taller and I knew I had a problem, which is just a disguise for opportunity. Hmm… What to do, what to do? A friend told me about Etsy. It was too good to be true. I knew it was going to be a journey. And what a journey it has been! And all the better I am for it. It’s like a journey to the center of a Tootsie Pop. The journey to me, my core, who I am and what I stand for. I have learned a lot and I have a lot more to learn and I love it! I push myself everyday to be a little more ‘me’. To overcome my fear of judgement, failure and the chance that I might be successful.

About Brome Fields

:) I was born and raised in KS. It’s where my roots grow.

:) My husband, 2 children and I moved from the city to his hometown where we took a year off work and built our own ‘tiny’ home on the family farm. He’s the 5th generation on the farm, deep roots.

:) My studio is my home. My favorite place to knit is on my bed in my PJ’s with my iPad and an array of papers, colored pens and highlighters.

:) Since opening my shop on Etsy in 2012 photography has become my second favorite hobby, next to knitting, of course.

About Brome Fields

:) I’m always thinking of ways to expand my wardrobe therefore my line of knitting. I’ve started making hats and cowls. I’m starting to work on scarves and I hope to be offering clothing soon too. {I have a skirt in the works.}

:) I like modest, simple, practical, casual, minimalist, classic, chic. It’s always in style and it’s easy to layer with any outfit.

About Brome Fields

:) The name Brome Fields came about when my husband and I were out for a drive and brainstorming business names when we were on our way back home and as we were pulling into the driveway, he said “Brome Fields.” Because we had a small brome field of our own (yes, in the front yard). It was autumn and the brome had turned a beautiful purplish burgundy color and it droops like a weeping willow. It’s beautiful. Sheep eat brome, wool comes from sheep… it all tied together perfectly.

Brome Fields

:) Just in case you haven’t noticed, my creations are named after virtues or encouraging words. On one hand, I like to be inspired {It feeds my soul}. And, on the other hand, I find my peace in knitting. Therefore, it only seemed fitting to name my creations to inspire others. We’re all on this journey together so let’s help each other. I want to inspire women to feel confident, beautiful and complete. Every time someone wears one of my creations I want them to not just have a happy thought, but a happy feeling.

Inspirational Word Cloud

:) I have a hard time sitting through a movie, my hands want to be doing something. I want to be creating. I wish I would’ve learned how to knit sooner, but I’m thankful that I’ve found something I’m truly passionate about and hopeful to knit for many more years to come.

:) I like knitting because it’s an ancient technique. It grounds me and it’s a connection to my ancestors. I love deep roots.

:) I don’t just want others to wear my story, but I want them to wear their own story too. So, I offer my patterns to those who love knitting just as much as I do. Because when you’re knitting you’re knitting a piece of your soul into the fabric and there’s just no other feeling like it.


What I love about knitting…
It was a rough start, but once I got the hang of it I fell in love.

It touches my soul.

I just don’t know how to describe it. I just love it.

Knitting brings me peace.

It my creative outlet.

Sometimes it’s monotonous, which allows me to meditate, I just get lost in the stitches.

Sometimes I multitask while I’m knitting {I like to watch Harry Potter}.

I find it quite amazing that I can make something out of a skein of yarn.

I’m keeping an ancient craft alive.

I enjoy teaching others to knit and how-to find peace in knitting {once you get the hang of it, at first it can be quite frustrating, at least for me}.

I enjoy doing things with my hands, I have a need to keep them busy all the time and knitting keeps my fingers busy, and I love every minute of it!

I get to design my own clothes. I’m a simple, practical girl {I’m pretty modest too} and most of the time it’s very difficult to find things that I want to wear, let alone find appropriate to wear. So, I’m working on Jennifer’s Style of clothing. Simple, practical and easy to knit.

:) My dream… I want to inspire you… to feed your soul.