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{FREE} STEWARDSHIP : Herringbone Twill Scarf Knitting Pattern

Multiple pics of a super bulky hand knit scarf
I first learned this stitch a couple of years ago when I created the #100daysofknitstitches. It’s called the Herringbone Twill Knit Stitch. It’s such a beautiful stitch. I’ve wanted to create a pattern for it ever since I learned it and here it is!


  • Available Sizes: One
  • Pattern Format: Written Pattern, No Chart
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • PDF Format: Printer & Mobile Friendly
  • Bonus: Video


  • Knit Flat {Back & Forth}


  • Yarn Weight: Super Bulky Roving
  • Yardage: 240 – 250 yards {219 – 229 meters}
  • Suggested Yarn: Cascade Yarns Magnum in Koala Bear
  • Needle Size: US 19 {15mm} Knitting Needles


  • Measurements: 7 1/4″ {18cm} wide
  • Gauge: 9 sts & 15 rows per 4” {10cm} square


  • You can use any weight of yarn for this pattern. It’s easy to adjust.
  • CO more, or less, STS for your desired width.
  • CO in increments of 4+2
  • This is a tight stitch. You might want to go up a needle size or two to get a relaxed stitch. The yarn I used calls for a 15-17 needle and I used a 19 and I knit a little on the loose side.


Pattern, Knit Flat:

  • CO 18 ST
  • Row 1 & 5 {RS}: K1TBL *K2, YFWD, SL2, YBK* K1TBL
  • Row 2 & 6 {WS}: YFWD SL2 *YFWD, P2, YBK, SL2* P3, YFWD SL1
  • Row 3, 7, 9, 13 {RS}: K1TBL *YFWD, SL2, YBK, K2* K1TBL
  • Row 4, 8, 12, 16 {WS}: YFWD SL1, P1 *YBK, SL2, YFWD, P2* YBK, SL2, YFWD, P1, YFWD SL1
  • Row 10 & 14 {RS}: YFWD SL2 *YFWD, P2, YBK, SL2* YFWD, P2, YFWD SL2
  • Row 11 & 15 {WS}: K1TBL *YBK, K2, YFW, SL2* K1TBL
  • Repeat rows 1 – 16 until desired length.
  • To end, BO in all purl STS on a wrong side row.
  • I used 2 skeins of yarn to make mine 82” {208cm} {288 rows} and then I seamed the CO edge and BO edge to make an infinity scarf to wear it like a cowl.


Pic of the back of a super bulky hand knit scarf


Pic of the gauge of a super bulky hand knit scarf


  • * – * – repeat between * to end of round
  • BO – bind-off in pattern
  • CO – cast-on {long-tail cast-on method}
  • K – knit stitches {K1 means to knit 1 stitch}
  • K1TBL – knit 1 stitch through the back loop
  • P – purl stitches {P2 means to purl 2 stitches}
  • RS – right side of work
  • SL1 – slip one stitch purl-wise
  • SL2 – slip two stitch purl-wise
  • STS – stitches
  • WS – wrong side of work
  • YBK – yarn back
  • YFWD – yarn forward
Multiple pics of a super bulky hand knit scarf
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