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Alternating Garter Rib Knit Stitch

knitted swatch on a fur blanket

Welcome to Day 3 of the 21 Days of Beginner Knit Stitches Series:
Alternating Garter Rib Knit Stitch


Music by Ben Sound


Needles: US 11 {8mm}
Yarn: Softee Chunky by Bernat

Pattern, Knit Flat:

CO in multiples of 6
This is not a reversible stitch, see the photos below
Row 2 = Right side/Front

For my swatch I CO 18 STS

Row 1: *P3, K3*
Row 2: *K*
Row 3: *P3, K3*
Row 4: *K*
Row 5: *P3, K3*
Row 6: *K*
Row 7: *P3, K3*
Row 8: *K*
Row 9: *K3, P3*
Row 10: *K*
Row 11: *K3, P3*
Row 12: *K*
Row 13: *K3, P3*
Row 14: *K*
Row 15: *K3, P3*
Row 16: *K*
Repeat rows 1-16 until desired length.

If you’re not adding a border, to BO I recommend ending on a row 15 and BO in the row 16 pattern.

When you’re finished I recommend lightly blocking it by spraying it with water from a water bottle and giving it a little tug to stretch out the garter stitch sections and lay flat to dry.

My thoughts:

I think this stitch would make a nice blanket with a garter stitch border.

The yarn I’m using is Softee Chunky by Bernat.

It’s a super bulky yarn and they recommend using size 11 needles, I used size 11, which is amazing, I usually have to use a smaller size than recommended.

It’s 100% acrylic, which is great if you’re allergic to wool and looking for a super bulky alternative. It feels nice and sturdy, almost like a wool. It’s not fluffy, it has a nice twist to it, it’s spun consistently, not thick and thin, so it has nice stitch definition.


* – * – repeat pattern
BO – bind-off in pattern
CO – cast-on {long-tail cast-on method}
K – knit stitches {K1 means to knit 1 stitch}
P – purl stitches {P2 means to purl 2 stitches}
STS – stitches



Alternating Garter Rib Knit Stitch : Day 3 of the 21 Days of Beginner Knit Stitches : Brome Fields : #21daysofbeginnerknitstitches

21 Days of Beginner Knit Stitches : Brome Fields