Diagonal Lace Stripe Knitting Stitch Pattern

knitted swatch on a wood tablePin


Music by Ben Sound


Yarn Weight: Super Bulky
Yardage: 35-45 yards {32 – 41 meters}
Suggested Yarn: Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick
Needle Size: US 11 {8mm} Knitting Needles


CO in multiples of 10 + 3
Row 1 = Right Side/Front

Row 1: *P3, YO, S1, K1, PSSO, K5* P3
Row 2: *K3, P4, P2TOG TBL, YO, P1* K3
Row 3: *P3, K2, YO, S1, K1, PSSO, K3* P3
Row 4: *K3, P2, P2TOG TBL, YO, P3* K3
Row 5: *P3, K4, YO, S1, K1, PSSO, K1* P3
Row 6: *K3, P2TOG TBL, YO, P5* K3
Row 7: *P3, K7* P3
Row 8: *K3, P7,* K3

Note: You should always have 7 STS between your purl stripes. I got into the habit of double checking. I sometimes forgot to add the YO after the P2TOG TBL and had to “tink” back and fix it. When you make a mistake on this pattern, it’s pretty obvious. :(


*– * – repeat between *
CO – cast-on {long-tail cast-on method}
K – knit stitches {K1 means to knit 1 stitch}
P – purl stitches {P2 means to purl 2 stitches}
P2TOG TBL – purl 2 stitches together, through the back loop
PSSO – pass slipped stitch over
S1 – slip 1 stitch
STS – stitches
YO – yarn over