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Do You Shave Your Knitwear?

I’ve been wanting to try shaving my hand knitted items for a long time now… years.

I’ve been leery about trying it…

Will it eat my sweater?
Am I wasting my money?
Will it really work?
Will I actually use it?

All great questions, but… {Hindsight is 20/20} I really should’ve gotten this thing years ago!

My scarf looks brand new again, and it was looking pretty shabby.

This is the first time I’ve ever used a shaver.

Here’s what it looks like right out of the case:

My Technique:

I tried a few different techniques and found what worked best for me was to put my left hand behind the fabric to hold it in place, holding the shaver in my right hand I used a circular motion going clockwise a few times and then counter clockwise a few times, then I would “scratch” the surface with my fingernails to get any remaining loose strands to stand up and repeat the circular motions until it was mostly free of fuzzies.

I said it was around US $60, but it was closer to $40. {I spend more than that in yarn, no questions asked!}


It’s a little noisy, not nearly as loud as a vacuum. My blender is louder, by far.


It took me about 45 minutes to shave the entire scarf.


I mentioned that I didn’t want to get my fingers in the way, but the blades are protected, so I didn’t need to be so afraid of it.

Other Uses:

Shave all your hand knit items and store bought clothing, just about anything.
Socks, t-shirt, couch, coat, jacket, sweater, pillows, yoga pants, outdoor furniture cushions, curtains,

Because of all the uses, I think this would be a great practical gift for anyone.
I’m all about getting people things they can actually use.

Other Thoughts:

I haven’t thought of anything I don’t like about this shaver.
My only concern is “How long will the blades last?”

Not Sponsored:

I purchased this shaver on Amazon with my own money.
I want to give my honest opinion, no strings attached.
I did hours of research trying to pick the perfect shaver.
After trying it, I think I did pretty good!
I’m very happy with this shaver and I definitely recommend it.

Do you have any questions about this shaver? Ask me in the comments below.


This is a raw video, I didn’t edit it, so you can see everything. There’s no magic going on here. :)


Get your very own AlwaysLux EasyLint Professional Sweater Shaver. {This is not an affiliate link. However, this is the exact same place I purchase from on Amazon. I had it in a few days! Definitely read through the reviews, there’s some great info on there & photos.}

Yarn: Expression Fiber Arts, Pearlescent in Red Velvet Rose

Knitting Pattern: Interconnected

Here’s a couple of close-up pics:

Shave your knitwear before & after photos

Do you shave your knitwear video by Brome Fields
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Testing the shaver on different yarns:

I tried this shaver on some of my sweaters that were in dire need of shaving.

I didn’t realize how bad they were until I looked at these pictures ;)

The shaver worked great, it took awhile on each one, but they look brand new again.

The thick & quick sweater was a little more difficult to shave compared to the others.

Lion Brand Heartland Yarn Sweater:

Shaver Before & After Lion Brand Heartland Sweater

Wool and the Gang Feeling Good Yarn Sweater:

Shaver Before & After Feeling Good Yarn

Store Bought Sweater:

Shaver Before & After Store Bought Sweater

Lion Brand Thick & Quick Yarn Sweater:

Shaver Before & After Lion Brand Thick & Quick Sweater

I shaved my handknit sweaters, now they look brand new!
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