FREE Summer Lace Rectangle Shrug Knitting Pattern

Super simple rectangle lace shrug knitting pattern. This shrug is a great beginner lace knitting pattern. Learn how to increase & decrease stitches to get this lacy look in the video tutorial below.

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Available Sizes: 24 {32-48″ bust sizes}
Pattern Format: Written Pattern, No Chart
Pattern Language: English
Skill Level: Advanced Beginner
PDF Format: Printer & Mobile Friendly
Bonus: Video
Pattern Name: Resolve Lace

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Knit Flat {Back & Forth}
Knit & Purl Stitches
Increase & Decrease Stitches


Yarn Weight: Worsted
Yardage: 500 – 875 yards {457 – 800 meters}
Suggested Yarn: Lion Brand Heartland, Grand Canyon
Needle Size: US 10 {6mm} Circular Needles with a 32” {80cm} Cable, or longer


12 STS & 16 rows per 4” {10cm} square, knit in the lace pattern below

Picture Details:

Model is 5’9″/175cm, 130lbs with a 35″/89cm chest, 27″/68cm waist wearing a 50″/127cm width shrug with high waisted jeans.
Measurements: 50″ wide x 35″ {127cm x 89cm} {lightly blocked}
Weight: 14.5oz {410g}
CO 140 STS


Not reversible.
Knit top down.
The CO edge is the width.
Knit using the beginner lace knit stitch.
Knit flat, back & forth using circular needles.
Circular needles are used to accommodate the large number of CO stitches.

Video Tutorial:

Regular Size Chart {Bust 32-40″}:

Height# of CO STSApprox. Yardage
5’ 1”108 = 42”500-550 {457-503m}
5’ 2”112 = 43”525-575 {480-525m}
5’ 3”116 = 44”550-600 {503-548m}
5’ 4”120 = 45”575-625 {525-571m}
5’ 5”124 = 46”600-650 {548-594m}
5’ 6”128 = 47”625-675 {571-617m}
5’ 7”132 = 48”650-700 {594-640m}
5’ 8”136 = 49”675-725 {617-663m}
5’ 9”140 = 50”700-750 {640-685m}
5’ 10”144 = 51”725-775 {663-709m}
5’ 11”148 = 52”750-800 {640-732m}
6’ 0”152 = 53”775-825 {709-754m}

Plus Size Chart {Bust 42-48″}:

Height# of CO STSApprox. Yardage
5’ 1”116 = 44”550-600 {503-548m}
5’ 2”120 = 45”575-625 {525-571m}
5’ 3”124 = 46”600-650 {548-594m}
5’ 4”128 = 47”625-675 {571-617m}
5’ 5”132 = 48”650-700 {594-640m}
5’ 6”136 = 49”675-725 {617-663m}
5’ 7”140 = 50”700-750 {640-685m}
5’ 8”144 = 51”725-775 {663-709m}
5’ 9”148 = 52”750-800 {640-732m}
5’ 10”152 = 53”775-825 {709-754m}
5’ 11”156 = 54″800-850 {732-777m}
6’ 0”160 = 55″825-875 {754-800m}

Get the free lace shrug knitting pattern below or
purchase the ad-free, downloadable & printable PDF here.

How to Knit a Lace Shrug:

Free Knitting Pattern, Knit Flat {Back & Forth}:

CO your desired number of STS, see chart above.
How many STS did you CO? _______
The CO edge is the width.
{I’m 5’9” with a 35″ bust and I CO 140 STS}

Row 1 {WS}: *P*

Row 2 {RS}: K1 *K2TOG, YO* K1
Row 3 & 5 {WS}: P
Row 4 {RS}: K1 *YO, K2TOG* K1
Repeat rows 2-5 until desired length.
BO loosely in all knit stitches.
This is knit from top to bottom, so it’s super easy to adjust the length.

Weave in the ends.
Steam-block lightly.

Sew the Seams:
Lay flat, bring the short sides together and sew about 6” {15cm} on the sides from each end towards the center, not on the CO or BO edge.

How to read the stitches:

I quickly learned that I usually added an extra YO or missed the last YO on a row.

There are a lot of STS and I didn’t want to count them at the end of every even row, so when I came to the end of row I’d look back and see what my second stitch was.

If it was a K2TOG I knew that I needed to add a YO before the K1 at the end.

If the second stitch was a YO then I knew I needed to end the row on a K2TOG, K1.

I hope that helps!

For example:

Row 2 {RS}: Make sure the 2nd stitch is a K2TOG & the 2nd to last stitch is a YO
Row 4 {RS}: Make sure the 2nd stitch is a YO & the 2nd to last stitch is a K2TOG

I still ended up doing a lot of counting on my purl rows to double check to make sure I had the right number of stitches… and if I came up long or short, I counted again & again to triple check! I counted a lot on this pattern.


– * – repeat between *
BO – bind-off in pattern
CO – cast-on {long-tail cast-on method}
K – knit stitches {K1 means to knit 1 stitch}
K2TOG – knit 2 stitches together
P – purl stitches {P2 means to purl 2 stitches}
RS – right side
STS – stitches
WS – wrong side
YO – yarn over


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Download it Here

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Get the free lace shrug knitting pattern above or
purchase the ad-free, downloadable & printable PDF here.