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Fan and Feather Knit Stitch Video

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:) Materials I used:

:) Pattern:

  • CO 22 STS
  • Row 1 (RS): wyib S1PW, K19, wyib S1PW, P1
  • Row 2 (WS): wyib S1PW, P19, wyif S1PW, P1
  • Row 3 (RS): wyib S1PW, K1, {K2TOG x3}, {YO, K1 x6}, {K2TOG x3}, wyib S1PW, P1
  • Row 4 (WS): wyib S1PW, P19; wyif S1PW, P1
  • Repeat Rows 1-4, until desired length.

:) Notes:

This is the lovely fan and feather knit stitch.

I’ve included an I-cord on either side to keep the edges from curling :)

It’s beautiful and easy to memorize.

It creates a scallop on the top and bottom edges.

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:) Abbreviations:

How to Knit the Fan and Feather Knit Stitch Video by Brome Fields
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