How to Seam the Garter Stitch, Not Using the Mattress Stitch Video

Here’s another video using this same technique with contrasting colors, it’s a little easier to see how it comes together:

So, if you’ve been following me, you probably already know that I dislike seaming. I’m trying to step outside my comfort zone and try seaming again…

It opens a whole new world of opportunities! :)

When I went to sew this seam I Googled “seam garter stitch.”

A few videos popped up, so I watched them and had a hard time duplicating their results, so what do I do… create my own stitch!

There are only 2 steps… so easy to remember!

I’m giddy with the results!

It’s almost completely seamless and there’s no bulge where it comes together making it reversible!

partial hat & hat photo with text. video, how to seam the garter stitch seamlessly, not using the mattress stitch.Pin