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Are you a beginner knitter?

In this bundle you’ll learn 25 simple & easy beginner knit stitches + 25 video tutorials to help you along the way. These are all beginner knit stitches.


Grow your confidence as you learn each stitch!

This bundle includes 25 beginner knit stitches with a table of contents, a page for each knit stitch and an abbreviation section at the end.


About the Bundle:

This is a 27 page PDF bundle of beginner knit stitch patterns

All patterns use a super bulky yarn, making them super quick

Skill level is for beginner knitters

Includes 25 written knitting patterns, no charts

Includes 25 video tutorials, ad-free

All are knit flat, back and forth

8-1/2″ x 11″ page size


If you’d like learn even more, all of these stitches are included in the 100 Days of Knit Stitch Bundle:

100 Days of Knit Stitches eBook Bundle + 100 Video Tutorials



I used Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick Yarn, a super bulky yarn, however you can use any yarn with the correct corresponding needle, which you’ll want to play with to see which works best with your gauge. :) If it’s too loose you won’t have very much stitch definition and too tight it’ll curl, so you want it somewhere in the middle {like goldilocks}

Knitting Needle Set


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25 Beginner Knit Stitches eBook Bundle



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