PSSO : Pass Slip Stitch Over Video Tutorial

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This is my first blog post that I posted back on Oct. 28, 2013. It’s in dire need of a update!

I’ve learned so much since that day about knitting, business, photography and videography. {Not that I have any of it perfected because there’s still so much more to learn! :)}

What does PSSO mean?

It stands for Pass the Slipped Stitch Over.

Usually, you slip one stitch from your working needle to your left needle and then knit a stitch off your working needle and then take the stitch that you slipped on your right needle and pass it over the stitch that you knitted.

What’s it’s purpose?

To decrease 1 stitch in a pattern
To create a left leaning decrease.
It’s similar to binding-off.

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What I’ve learned about this stitch:

This abbreviation usually isn’t found on it’s own. I’ve seen it used & I use it like this: S1, K1, PSSO.

Now that I have a little more experience I wonder: Do you S1PW {slip 1 purl-wise} or S1KW {slip 1 knit-wise}?

I always assumed that I S1PW, until I read another abbreviation SKP {Slip, Knit, PSSO, we’ll talk more about that later} and it said to S1KW {slip 1 knit-wise}. So, I had to try it out myself to see which I liked better. Watch the video to see my results. :)

Knitting Abbreviation Video Tutorial:

About My Swatch:

Yarn: Cascade Lana Grande
Needles: HiyaHiya size US 11 interchangeable needles

What does SKP stand for?

It stands for Slip 1 stitch knit-wise, Knit 1 stitch, Pass the slipped stitch over the knitted stitch.

Why use S1, K1, PSSO vs SKP?

I’ve seen both abbreviations used in patterns.

Well, I’m not really sure other than personal preference. I wonder if S1, K1, PSSO is the traditional term and SKP is a newer abbreviation. However, after using both in lace knit stitches I prefer SKP because it’s easier to count how many stitches I’m supposed to have by counting the abbreviations in the pattern.

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