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PSSO : Pass Slip Stitch Over Video Tutorial

This is my first blog post that I posted back on Oct. 28, 2013. It’s in dire need of a update!

I’ve learned so much since that day about knitting, business, photography and videography. {Not that I have any of it perfected because there’s still so much more to learn! :)}

What does PSSO stand for?

It stands for Pass the Slipped Stitch Over.

Definitions, what other’s are saying:

  • PSSO (Pass Slipped Stitch Over): “Pass the slipped stitch on the right needle over the stitch(es) indicated in the instructions, as in binding off.” – Norah Gaughan’s Knitted Cable Sourcebook
  • PSSO – pass slipped st over.” – 750 Knitting Stitches
  • PSSO – pass slipped st over.” – Vogue Knitting

What’s it’s purpose?

  • Decrease 1 stitch.
  • Create a left leaning decrease.
  • It’s similar to binding-off.

What I’ve learned about this stitch:

  • This abbreviation usually isn’t found on it’s own. I’ve seen it used & I use it like this: S1, K1, PSSO.
  • Now that I have a little more experience I wonder: Do you S1PW {slip 1 purl-wise} or S1KW {slip 1 knit-wise}?
  • I always assumed that I S1PW, until I read another abbreviation SKP {Slip, Knit, PSSO, we’ll talk more about that later} and it said to S1KW {slip 1 knit-wise}.
  • So, I had to try it out myself to see which I liked better. Watch the video to see my results. :)

Knitting Abbreviation Video Tutorial:

About My Swatch:

  • Yarn: Cascade Lana Grande
  • Needles: HiyaHiya size US 11 interchangeable needles

What does SKP stand for?

It stands for Slip 1 stitch, Knit 1 stitch, Pass the slipped stitch over the knitted stitch.

Definitions, what other’s are saying:

  • skpo – slip one st knitwise, knit 1 st, pass slipped st over” – 750 Knitting Stitches
  • SKP – “Slip 1, Knit 1, Pass the slipped stitch over.” – Vogue Knitting

Why use S1, K1, PSSO vs SKP?

  • I’ve seen both abbreviations used in patterns.
  • Well, I’m not really sure other than personal preference. I wonder if S1, K1, PSSO is the traditional term and SKP is a newer abbreviation. However, after using both in lace knit stitches I prefer SKP because it’s easier to count how many stitches I’m supposed to have by counting the abbreviations in the pattern.
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