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Purse Knit Stitch Video

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:) Materials I used:

:) Pattern:

  • CO in multiples of 2
  • This is a reversible stitch! :)
  • All Rows: P1 *YO, P2TOG* P1
  • Repeat until desired length

That’s it! Pretty much 2 stitches on repeat and I love it!

Pst… I love this stitch so much that I made a blanket with it!
You can grab the LOVEME : Blanket Knitting Pattern here for FREE
:) Happy knitting!

I would consider myself to be a hardcore knitter and I admire those of you who crochet.
I’ve tried to crochet and I’m just not very good at it.
So, when I found this stitch, it was a love-hate relationship from the start.

{I love this stitch because it looks like crochet, and not-so-much love because there aren’t any knit stitches… Huh?!}

However, it’s 2 stitches on repeat for the front and back, making is super easy to memorize and it’s reversible.

My first thought was that this is the perfect stitch for a large knitted blanket! I can put it aside and knit a smaller project to satiate my instant gratification bug and then pick the blanket back up again without worrying about forgetting where I left off. Anyone else have this happen when knitting multiple projects?

It’s also great when you want to knit something that doesn’t require your full attention, so you can Knitflix or carry on a conversation.

Plus, it’s comforting for those times when you’re sitting in the hospital waiting room, when you can’t think straight, but need to keep your hands busy. I hope those times are few and far between. I know we’ve all been there or will be there again and I hope you can find some peace through knitting. I know it helps me.

Wishing you all the best,

Purse Knit Stitch Video by Brome Fields
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