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I Googled {aka, I went to the library} “yoga knitting” and “yarn yoga” and found nothing combining the two.

Honestly, I was surprised, I thought it was a thing, something trendy that I’m always the last to know about. :)

I was going to call this Yoga Knitting, but then I realized that it’s not just for knitters, but for crocheters too.

Maybe even cross-stitching or needle point, there are lots of different hand crafts that this could apply to. :)

Yoga knitting & I don’t have a long history together.

I feel like they’re a great match!

Both help you relax and they’re therapeutic.

And they both have many other health benefits.

My Practice:

I’m trying different poses to see which one’s work best, a lot of them don’t work at all, but some do, so I thought why not put them together.

Since it’s relatively new to me, I’m slowly adding it to my practice to see what I like and if it works for me.

The thing that I like best about Yarn Yoga is that it helps me hold my poses longer and I’m not so focused on being “uncomfortable” or bored.

I don’t know that yoga is supposed to be “uncomfortable”, but I feel like if it isn’t “uncomfortable”, then I’m not pushing myself to go deeper into the pose.

And if I’m not pushing myself, then what’s the purpose?

Even though you can’t do all yoga poses when knitting, or whatever your craft is, you can combine some of them and create a new and interesting routine.

The poses I’ve tried so far:

  1. Mountain Pose
  2. Tree Pose
  3. Cobble Pose
  4. Wide Angle Seated Forward Bend
  5. Seated Forward Bend
  6. Head to Knee Forward Bend
  7. Pigeon Pose
  8. Leg-up-the-Wall Pose
  9. Corpse Pose

Knitting isn’t sexy?!

I think it’s pretty safe to say that yoga is sexy.

On the other hand, I believe the consensus would be that, um, knitting is not sexy.

So, does doing yoga while knitting make knitting sexy? Maybe a little after you’ve had a lot of practice :)

Since Yoga Knitting is new to me I started practicing with poses that I was already familiar with.

Be careful ;)

For the Tree Pose, I recommend leaning against a wall or at least near a wall to catch you, just in case you lose your balance.

Your hands are full of dangerous weapons, so it’s hard to catch yourself :)

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Fine Print… I’m not an instructor, just a lover of yoga and knitting and their many health benefits. I have enjoyed combining the 2 practices and want to share it with other lover’s of yarn and yoga. It’s recommended that you contact your health care provider before starting a new exercise program. The information regarding Yarn Yoga is intended for informational and entertainment purposes only and is not meant to be taken as expert advice.