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:) About the Pattern:

One size fits most adults

Difficulty level: Beginner {super easy!}

Knits up in about 30-36 hours

Includes a written pattern, no chart

Knit flat

Garter stitch

Increase stitch

Decrease stitch

Short rows

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:) Materials Needed:

Approximately 625-650 yards of a DK weight yarn

I used Sheepaca by Wool and the Gangicon, which is discontinued

{or you can use their Sugar Baby Alpacaicon}

Size 7 {4.5mm} needles with a 24” cable, or longer

Darning Needle, or tool of choice to weave in ends

A pair of Craft Scissors

Dimensions: 76″ {193cm} x 18” {46cm}

Gauge: 19 sts & 38 rows per 4” {10cm} square


This shawl is reversible, both sides are the same.

Knit from tip to tip {left to right/right to left} using short rows.

This shawl doesn’t need to be blocked. :)



CO 1 stitch

To increase:

Row 1: KFB

Row 2: *K*

Row 3: *K*

Row 4: *K*

Row 5: KFB *K*

Repeat rows 2-5 until it measures 37” {94mm}, or desired length.

{approx. 83 STS, if you’re gauge is the same as mine.}


Place a removable stitch marker on the edge that you’re increasing as a reminder to increase a stitch.

You’ll want to move it every 15, or so, rows so it keeps reminding you :)

To decrease:

Row 1: *K*

Row 2: *K*

Row 3: *K*

Row 4: K1, SKP, *K*

Repeat rows 1-4 until you have 4 STS


You’ll want to keep moving that stitch marker on the decrease side too.


If you forget to increase on a row that’s okay, just increase on the row after the next {still on the same side as your stitch marker}.

And then continue in pattern.

Just remember to forget to decrease a row on the other side, in about the same place, so that both sides match ;)

This is a very forgiving pattern!

To end:

Row 1-3: *K*

Row 4: K1, SKP, K1 {3 STS remaining}

Row 5: K1, SKP {2 STS remaining}

Row 6: SKP {1 STS remaining}


This shawl doesn’t need to be blocked. :)

However, I lightly block mine by spritzing it with water, patting it dry with a towel and then laying it flat to dry. {I didn’t pin it to a certain size}

According to this article, you can block it to be crescent shaped. I had plans to make this a crescent shaped shawl, but I fell in love with it just the way it is. I’d love to see your shawl when you’re finished, tag it #grabngoshawl so I can find it :)



* – * – repeat pattern

CO – cast-on {long-tail cast-on method}

K – knit stitches {K1 means to knit 1 stitch}

KFB – knit the stitch, before slipping off, knit another stitch into the back of the same stitch, slip to right needle

SKP – Slip 1 stitch {purl-wise}, Knit 1 stitch, Pass slipped stitch over the knitted stitch

STS – stitches



This was a wonderfully peaceful & easy (& exciting) shawl to knit.

It slowly grows by adding 1 new stitch every forth row until your desired width and then you decrease every fourth row until you have 1 stitch left.

It becomes a cozy, elongated triangle shawl or cowl, depending on your mood and/or weather.

This was a 2-fold knitting project, the first half was peaceful and the second half was exhilarating.

While knitting the second half, my excitement grew with each decrease row because it meant that I was one row closer to wrapping up in it :)

Confession: Me vs the garter stitch *heavy sigh*

Once upon a time, in two thousand and eleven, I learned how to knit.

I refused to knit anything using the garter stitch, the stitch where you knit every row, front and back.

It was just too simple… it was for newbies.

{Clearly I was in denial of being a beginner knitter.}

However, now as a seasoned knitter I’m finally embracing the garter stitch.

And I’m in love!

The garter stitch creates the perfect texture, stretch and squish for any cozy project. {in my humble opinion.}

Have you been avoiding the garter stitch because it was too easy?

I was. If you’re stubborn like me I give you full permission to try this “beginner” stitch and love it…

I would like to encourage you to try it and let me know your thoughts in the comments below :)

Do you like, love, or dislike the Garter Stitch?

Ask a question or share your opinion

1 month 25 days ago

Someone asked a question asked on Ravelry and I thought I would share it here too:
Love it! Love it!
Your Shawlette is so perfect that one can wear it with any outfit, and yes even when you’re wearing your Jeans & Boots.
Thank you for sharing it with us. :)
Wondering if it would still work out with a lighter weight yarn, rather than using a bulky/chunky yarn
Thank you! I love it too. It’s versatile and squishy.

Ohh… I see why you ask. I would not consider this yarn to be a DK weight yarn. To get a nice even stockinette stitch I use size 3 needles. That’s a significant difference. I’d say it’s closer to a sock or sport weight yarn. I’ll add this note to the pattern. Thank you so much for asking!

However, for this pattern I used a size 7 needle to get a nice loose-ish garter stitch, which makes it wonderfully squishy and stretchy.

I’d recommend making a swatch with what you have try different needle sizes until you’re happy with the look of the stitch and squishiness {I’m all about the squish! That’s what makes me want to wrap up in it.}

To answer your question: Yes, you can use a thinner yarn, you’ll want the width to measure about 37”, but you’ll have more sts on your needles than what I had.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions.
Thank you!


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I offer this pattern for FREE, to the left, which is supported by ads, or you can purchase the ad-free PDF.

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FREE Triangle Shawl Knitting Pattern : Grab N Go : Brome Fields

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