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5 FREE Mother’s Day Gift Knitting Patterns

5 FREE Mother's Day Knitting Patterns

This year for Mother’s Day I’m treating myself!
I designed some knitted plant pot cozies… yeah, I just made that up!

I’m working on my Marie Kondo organizational skills.

One of my “red flags” or “warning signals” that something needs to change is procrastination. If I procrastinate doing something then something needs to change. I either need to eliminate it from my life, change my thoughts about it or change something about it. Like: make it easier, funner, prettier, more organized or simplified :) That doesn’t sound complicated. lol!

I just keep tweaking it until I find something that works or throw in the towel :)

I have over 30 plants and they all have their own pots and last spring they were getting out of control. They were huge and out growing their pots, so I decided to snip off babies and plant them in smaller containers and put the rest outside in a flower bed… only one survived ;) I won’t be doing that again!

Small plants means it’s more organized, right?! Nope, I still have 30 different containers to water, even if they’re smaller.

However, now that it’s spring again I decided to actually try to simplify my life and plant multiple plants in one pot. Brilliant! I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner :)

My Jade Plant:

I have several Jade plants in one container and they’re getting tall and losing their leaves, so I think they’re ready to be transplanted anyway.

I’m not quite sure what makes my Jade plant happy.

I think it likes a lot of light, but not direct sunlight, it likes sandy soil and it likes to dry out completely between waterings.

It’s the only one of my succulents that doesn’t like direct sunlight. So, I planted it alone with several stems in one pot, so it fills out nicely.

Before After
Jade Plant Before Transplant Jade Plant After Transplant

Making a happy home

For my other 2 pots I transplanted 3 plants into each one and I got rid of a few plants that didn’t make me feel happy.

In addition to consolidating my plants to make watering easier, I decided to make them pretty too!

They weren’t Insta-worthy :( They were just “okay.” I don’t want my home to feel “okay,” I want it to feel cozy.

That’s what I think a home should feel like, but to each their own. I think a home should be whatever you want it to be. A representation of your self, beliefs, dreams and desires. What does your home say about you? What do you want it to say? :)

I’m in the process of defining that myself and it’s a long, slow process, you could even call it a journey, maybe even a roller coaster. It has it’s ups and downs. :)

I took my extra plants to the local elementary school for the teachers. They can enjoy them in the classroom, or since it’s right before Mother’s Day, maybe the kids can plant them for Mother’s Day gifts. Sharing is caring!

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Design your own!!!

Design Your Own Knitting Pattern!

I’ve put together a Top 10 list of the best knit stitches to use if you’d like to design your own knitted plant cozy! You can check them out here!

5 FREE Knitting Patterns!
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