Top 10 Knit Stitches for a Basket or Planter!

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I’m a bit addicted to knitting planter cozies for my house plants and succulents.

Design your own knitted basket or plant cozy!

When I designed my patterns I realized that there are several things to consider when choosing a knit stitch.

  • My goal is for the knitted planter to stand up on it’s own, which has been a bit challenging.
  • So, I’ve been playing with different stitches. Because, as I’m learning, not all stitches are created equal.
  • I’ve noticed that the tight stitches work better.
  • Stitches that are used for ribbing, don’t work so well, they’re too stretchy and loose causing the pot to collapse or fall down.

Study my patterns here to see how many STS I CO depending on the yarn I used and the size of the container. This will give you a good starting point for your pattern.

Alternative ways to hold it up:

If you’re in love with a specific stitch and you’re determined to use it, even if it’s a looser stitch.
You could improvise and use something to hold it up. ;)

  • String yarn through the top and cinch it and tie a bow in it, or weave in the end so you can’t see that it’s cinched. I did this on my Lattice Stitch cozy.
  • Sew elastic to the top inside of it.
  • Depending on your style and the stitch used you could weave sticks or skewers through it vertically.


Your yarn choice is important too!

  • I don’t recommend wool, unless you’re going to felt it, otherwise it’s too squishy and stretchy.
  • You want something that’s nice and dense, like denim, cotton or WATG’s New Wave Yarn {it’s made from recycled plastic bottles}.

Here’s a list of stitches that would work great for a basket or planter cozy knitting pattern:

Criss-Cross Basket Weave Knit Stitch

Lattice Knit Stitch

Purl Twist Knit Stitch

Linen Knit Stitch

Jute Knit Stitch

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Herringbone Knit Stitch

Trinity Knit Stitch

Alternate Herringbone Knit Stitch

Herringbone Twill Knit Stitch

Spider Knit Stitch

Other stitches:

You could probably use the infamous seed stitch if you knitted it nice and tight :) Maybe even use a smaller needle.

You can use the garter stitch turned on it’s side and folded over half way and cinched at the bottom… this is a great beginner potter or basket. The number of CO STS will be the total height + bottom + fold over. Like the picture below. {I could help myself! I had to try this one :)! Grab the FREE pattern here}