Ideas for Christmas Gift Sets, Wrappings & Cookies

I love wrapping Christmas gifts. This year I wanted to wrap up some gifts using Kraft paper and some leftover yarn. I really like the simple gray.

DIY Sand Foot Scrub

This sand foot scrub is a super exfoliator! Which is just what my feet need when I’ve been wearing my flip-flops all summer.

DIY Detox Foot Soak to Relax Muscles

A 3 ingredient DIY foot soak to help reduce muscle cramps and eliminate toxins in your foot muscles.

Dandelion Lotion Recipe

I use Coconut Oil as a moisturizer, so I decided to infuse some with Dandelions. If sunshine had a smell, this would be it! Easy DIY recipe.

DIY Muscle Relaxing Lotion

I’m all about using natural remedies and happened to have some lavender oil on hand, so I’ve been using my own DIY mix of oils to help with wrist pain. I’m surprised at how much it has helped.

How to Block a Knitted Hat Video

Learn how to block a knitted hat. Free knitting pattern and video tutorial.

Fan and Feather Knit Stitch Video

In this video, you’ll learn the Fan and Feather Knit Stitch. An easy to memorize 4 row repeat! Plus, get a FREE Blanket Knitting Pattern!

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