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:) About the Pattern:

One size fits most adults
Difficulty level: Beginner {super easy!}
Knits up in about 10-15 hours
Includes a written pattern, no chart
Knit flat

:) Materials Needed:

Approximately 500 yards of Lion Brand Thick and Quick, a super bulky yarn
Size 15 {10mm} needles with 32″ {80cm} circular cable
Darning Needle, or tool of choice to weave in ends
A pair of Craft Scissors

Time it took me to knit: 10-15 hours
Dimensions {laying flat}: 36” {91cm} tall x 72” {183m} wide
Gauge: 8 sts & 17 rows per 4” {10cm} square {knit flat}

Note: This shawl is reversible, both sides are the same.
This is knit using the garter stitch, so you’ll knit every row.
This shawl doesn’t need to be blocked.


Pattern {see video below}:

CO 1 stitch

Row 1: INC1, K1, INC1
Row 2: *K*
Row 3: INC1, K3, INC1
Row 4: *K*
Row 5: INC1, K5, INC1
Row 6: *K*

Row 7: INC1 *K* INC1
Row 8: *K*

Increase 2 stitches on every ODD row and then knit the next row.
Follow this pattern until you’ve reached your desired size of shawl.
I used 5 skeins for a super cozy shawl ;)
Bind-off very loosely in the K1, P1 pattern {this will help keep it from curling.}
Weave in ends and then wrap up in it!

PS: This shawl pattern was featured on AllFreeKnitting's collection of
11 Elegant Knit Triangle Shawl Patterns.

YouTube How-to Video:

The idea for this shawl came to me when I was creating a video for one of the #100daysofknitstitches series {Click here to learn more about that series.} that called out for a YO at the beginning and end of a row.

I was surprised at how clean of an increase it was, so I decided to try creating a triangle shawl using this technique and I’m very happy with the result!

I think it’s the perfect shawl!

It fits all my requirements… quick & easy.

Quick is relative. 10 hours may sound like a long time, however, in the shawl world that’s super quick.

I’m working on another shawl pattern and I’ll have about 40 hours in it… so, when I put it into perspective for myself, 10 hours is not so bad. ;)

Because the pattern is easy to memorize I found it to be relaxing and therapeutic.

Again, all the things I love about a pattern!

All my best,

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7 months 10 days ago

Hi, I’ve just joined up because I like your triangular shawl pattern, but I find your way of casting on and increasing stitches a little strange. I do it differently, but does that matter when making the shawl. I get the impression you may be keck-handed as opposed to right which makes it look a little strange in the video. How much do your wools skein weigh approx in grammes? I live in Europe and I’m used to dealing with weight as opposed to length, and I’m really itching to have a go at the shawl once I’ve finished what I’m currently knitting. Thanks

7 months 9 days ago

Hi there, I guess I do what works for me. I am right handed. The way I CO and Increase the STS on this shawl eliminates loose STS, for me, but please feel free to do knit in a way that works best for you. There are so many different ways to knit :) Skein Weight: 6 oz. / 170 g : Yardage: 106 yd. / 97 m

7 months 8 days ago

Thanks for letting me know also about the skein weight. I can’t find size 15 needles here in Bilbao as the Chinese bazaars are the only places that sell wool here but I can get a size 12 so I imagine I would need around 7 skeins of the weight you mention. I’m certainly going to have a try as it looks so lovely. If I can get it done I’ll post a pic. Thanks.

10 months 23 days ago

Hi Jennifer! I am just starting to knit the Triangle shawl and noticed that the directions call for a size 15 needle but in the tutorial video you said you were using a size 11. I understand that this will influence the size of the stitches so which is the best size to use?
Thank you!

10 months 21 days ago

Hi Diane,
Thank you for catching that! I did mention size 11 in the video. I had started creating the shawl with a size 11 needle, but ripped it out and decided to use a 15 to get a more relaxed stitch. The gauge is on the pattern, which isn’t super important, I highly recommend a nice relaxed stitch so it’s soft and squishy.
Thank you!


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OPENNESS : Triangle Shawl FREE Knitting Pattern


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I offer this pattern for FREE, to the left, which is supported by ads, or you can purchase the ad-free PDF.

:) Openness:

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