Knit 10 Gifts in 10 Days

What knitter wouldn’t rather spend their time knitting than shopping {unless it’s for yarn}? Definitely me!

All of these patterns are made with Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick yarn, making them quick knits.

Each of these patterns take about 2-6 hours to knit, which is great news for those of us with a short attention span or those of us that are procrastinators who need quick Christmas gifts.

Huh, I never put those 2 together before, short attention span and procrastinator, but I’m definitely both! :)

Check out the FREE quick & easy knitting patterns below!

Day 1:

FREE Headband Knitting Pattern : Friendship
{click here}

This pattern includes 2 sizes, adult & baby, You can get both out of 1 skein. :)

Day 2:

FREE Scarf Cowl Knitting Pattern : Trust
{click here}

Day 3:

FREE Fingerless Glove Knitting Pattern : Determination
{click here}

Day 4:

FREE Leg Warmer Knitting Pattern : Silence
{click here}

Day 5:

FREE Slouchy Hat Knitting Pattern : Wisdom
{click here}

Day 6:

FREE Beginner Cowl Knitting Pattern : Peace
{click here}

Day 7:

FREE Headband Knitting Pattern : Wilderness
{click here}

Day 8:

FREE Baby Hat Knitting Pattern : Adorable
{click here}

Day 9:

FREE Tube Sock knitting Pattern : Happiness
{click here}

Day 10:

FREE Slouchy Hat Knitting Pattern : Daring
{click here}

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