Free & Easy Summer Shrug Knitting Pattern

This stylish summer shrug knitting pattern is soo EASY to knit! Sit back & relax with this beginner pattern, one skein mohair knitting pattern that’s knit flat in a rectangle. Simply sew 2 seams to create this gorgeous summer shrug!

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OR you can view the full FREE knitting pattern below!

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Give me something light & airy that’s simple to knit!

This was my first time knitting with mohair. And I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised!

I’m not a big “summer” knitter. It hurts my hands to knit with thinner yarn, so I like to stick with bulky & super bulky yarns, plus they satisfy my instant gratification itch.

However, I fell in love with this yarn as soon as I saw it! {swoony big heart eyes}

I love love love all the beautiful hand dyed fingering weight yarn, but I don’t want to knit anything that fine. It hurts my hands to knit small stitches. :( So, I found a happy compromise! I can use the fingering weight yarn with large needles and create something light and airy… and I love it!!! It’s a win-win for me.

It’s even easier to knit with than super bulky yarns, less tension, friction & weight. So, if you find that your fingers get tired or start hurting after knitting for awhile this might be the perfect project for you to alternate with other patterns.

I’m all about the easy shrug knitting patterns! :) Here’s another perfect summer accessory pattern that goes perfect with jeans and a t-shirt! {If I do say so myself!} And this is knit using the easiest knit stitch… garter stitch. 

This is one of those simple patterns that you can knit while catching up on your favorite TV series, podcast or reruns and still feel productive.

This would be great in an aran weight yarn or worsted weight yarn for fall or a bulky weight yarn for winter. Can you tell that I’m already thinking about cold weather?!

This simple summer shrug knitting pattern uses garter stitch only, making it a great first-time garment knitting project.

About the shrug pattern

Available Sizes: 27-63″ {68-160cm}
Pattern Format: Written Pattern, No Chart
Pattern Language: English
Skill Level: Beginner
PDF Format: Printer & Mobile Friendly
Pattern Name: Summertide


Knit Flat {Back & Forth}
Knit Stitches
NO increase stitches :)
NO decrease stitches :)


Yarn Weight: Lace
Yardage: 226 – 524 yards {207 – 479 meters}
Suggested Yarn: Kid Silky Lace by Craftily Dyed Yarn on Etsy
Needle Size: US 13 {9mm} Circular Needles with a 24″ {60cm} Cable
Needle Size: US 19 {15mm} Circular Needles with a 24″ {60cm} Cable {optional}


Gauge: 16.5 STS & 18 rows per 4” {10cm} square, knit in the pattern below

Picture Details

Model is 5’9″/175cm, 130lbs with a 35″/89cm chest, 27″/68cm waist wearing the 54″/140cm width shrug with white pants.
Measurements: 55″ wide x 24″ {140cm x 31cm} {not blocked}
Weight of poncho: 1.7oz {50g}
CO 227 STS


Knit top down.
Knit using the garter stitch.
The CO edge is the width, across your shoulders.
Knit flat, back & forth, on circular knitting needles.
This is a rectangle with the sides sewn to create “sleeves.”
This is a custom pattern, made to fit your body and your style.
A circular needle is used to accommodate the large number of CO stitches.

Sizing, how to measure for the right size

For this summer shrug knitting pattern use a cloth tape measure, or cotton yarn, measure your arm length to determine the number of CO STS you’re going to need. With your arms at your side, measure from wrist to wrist going up and over your shoulders. This is yours, so measure it from wherever you’d like it to fall when you wear it. 

I’m 5’9” {175cm} tall and made mine 55” {140cm}, measuring from wrist to wrist. I made mine the exact size I wanted because it’s not made of a heavy material, so I don’t expect much stretch.

What I did was tape one end of the yarn to where I wanted the shrug to fall about my wrist, taking the yarn up and over my shoulders and then taped the other end on my wrist. I took the yarn off my arms, leaving the tape on the yarn, so I could measure the length between the pieces of tape. 

I found that whether my arms were at my side or straight out the measurement was about the same.

Go ahead and take your measurement so you can get started! :)

Seriously, choosing the size is the hardest part. ;)

Regular Size Chart {Bust 32-40″ / 81-101cm}

WidthCO STSYardsMeters
27″ {68cm}115226 – 236207 – 216
29” {74cm}123242 – 252221 – 230
31” {78cm}131258 – 268236 – 245
33” {83cm}139274 – 284251 – 260
35” {88cm}147290 – 300265 – 274
37” {94cm}155306 – 316280 – 289
39” {99cm}163322 – 332294 – 304
41” {104cm}171338 – 348309 – 318
43” {109cm}179354 – 364324 – 333
45” {114cm}187370 – 380338 – 347
47” {119cm}195386 – 396353 – 362
49” {125cm}203402 – 412368 – 377
51” {130cm}211418 – 428382 – 391
53” {134cm}219434 – 444397 – 406
55” {140cm}227450 – 460411 – 421
57” {145cm}235466 – 476426 – 435
59” {150cm}243482 – 492441 – 450
61” {155cm}251498 – 508455 – 465
63” {160cm}259514 – 524470 – 479

You can get 1 shrug out of one 460y/50g skein of mohair yarn if it’s 55″ or less. My shrug measures 55″ wide x 24″ {140cm x 31cm} and I used ALL of 1 skein of yarn. So, if you’re making one larger, wider and/or longer, you’ll need more than one skein of yarn for your summer shrug knitting pattern. ;)

Plus Size Chart {Bust 42-48″ / 104-122cm}

WidthCO STSYardsMeters
27″ {68cm}131258 – 268236 – 245
29” {74cm}139274 – 284251 – 260
31” {78cm}147290 – 300265 – 274
33” {83cm}155306 – 316280 – 289
35” {88cm}163322 – 332294 – 304
37” {94cm}171338 – 348309 – 318
39” {99cm}179354 – 364324 – 333
41” {104cm}187370 – 380338 – 347
43” {109cm}195386 – 396353 – 362
45” {114cm}203402 – 412368 – 377
47” {119cm}211418 – 428382 – 391
49” {125cm}219434 – 444397 – 406
51” {130cm}227450 – 460411 – 421
53” {134cm}235466 – 476426 – 435
55” {140cm}243482 – 492441 – 450
57” {145cm}251498 – 508455 – 465
59” {150cm}259514 – 524470 – 479
61” {155cm}267530 – 540485 – 494
63” {160cm}275546 – 556499 – 508

Get the free shrug knitting pattern below or purchase the ad-free, downloadable & printable PDF on EtsyRavelry or LoveCrafts.

Summer Shrug Pattern, Knit Flat {Back & Forth}

CO your desired number of STS, see chart above.

How many STS did you CO? _________

The CO edge is the width.
{I’m 5’9” {175cm} with a 35″ {89cm} bust and I CO 227 STS}


All rows: *K*
This is knit in garter stitch, so you’re going to knit all of your rows. Not purl stitches! :)
This is knit from top to bottom, so it’s super easy to adjust the length.
BO loosely in all knit stitches. {I used US19/15mm needles, which is optional.}

Weave in the ends.

No blocking necessary.

Sew the Seams:
Lay flat, bring the long sides together and sew about 6” {15cm} on the CO and BO edges. To sew my seams, I used 2 strands of yarn together to make a stronger seam.


Schematic diagram of the hand knit summer shrug showing where to sew the seams.


* – * – repeat between *
BO – bind-off in pattern
CO – cast-on {long-tail cast-on method}
K – knit stitches {K1 means to knit 1 stitch}
STS – stitches


Up-close photo of the stitch definition with a wooden framed gauge.

Have fun at the pool knitting this simple & squishy summer pattern!

Download it Here

Buy the ad-free, printer-friendly pattern on EtsyRavelry & LoveCrafts.


Q: How do you knit a one rectangle shrug?

A: Knit a rectangle, choose a size from the charts above. It’s knit from the top down, so it’s easy to test your width & length to get it to the right size.  To create the armholes lay your rectangle flat, bring the long sides together and sew about 6” {15cm} on the CO and BO edges. To sew my seams, I used 2 strands of yarn together to make a stronger seam.  

Q: Can I make it longer?

Very easily, just knit more rows until it’s the size that you want. :) Keep in mind that if you’re knitting it longer than the pattern suggests, you might need more yarn.

Q: Can I cast-on so that the cast-on edge is the height instead of the width?
A: Absolutely! Keep in mind that the rows for your shrug will be vertical instead of horizontal.

Mohair Shrug Care instructions

Gently hand wash your hand knit summer shrug in cold water with a wool soap or delicate detergent, be careful not to twist or wring it. Pat out the excess water with a clean towel {a kitchen linen towel works great}, lay flat to dry on a towel. Hang drying it will cause it to stretch out. You can lightly steam iron if you’d like to even out the stitches. Do not have it dry cleaned, use bleach or fabric softener. Do not dry it in the dryer, I imagine that it would cause it to matt.

Expert tips

You can use plastic or wooden needles if you find that your stitches are too slippery using metal needles. :)

Be careful not to drop a stitch, this one is “difficult” to frog because the hairs bind together as you’re knitting.

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Get the free shrug knitting pattern above or purchase the ad-free, downloadable & printable PDF on EtsyRavelry or LoveCrafts.

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