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In this free slouchy hat knitting pattern, you’ll learn the pine tree stitch. The video tutorial shows you how to knit it flat, but I took it a step further, which I think makes it a little easier, and knit it in the round.



Available Sizes: One

Size: 20 – 22″ {51 – 56cm} Head Circumference

Styles: One, Slouchy

Pattern Format: Written Pattern, No Chart

Pattern Language: English

Skill Level: Advanced Beginner

PDF Format: Printer & Mobile Friendly

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Knit in the Round

Knit & Purl Stitches

Decrease Stitches

Lace Stitches



Yarn Weight: DK or Light Worsted

Yardage: 365 – 375 yards {334 – 343 meters}

Suggested Yarn: Wool and the Gang Sheepaca

Needle Size: US 7 {4.5mm} Circular Needles with a 16” {40cm} & 24”+ {60cm} Cable, or DPNs

Extras: Stitch Markers



Measurements: 8 1/2″ Wide x 13 3/4″ {22cm x 35cm}

Gauge: 22 STS & 24 rounds per 4” {10cm} square, knit in the pattern below

Weight: 5.1oz {145g}



Not reversible.

Knit bottom up.

Knit using the pine tree stitch.

Knit in the round with a circular needle.

Knit holding 2 strands of yarn together throughout.

When knitting in the round you’re always knitting the right side of your work.



Click here to watch the “How to Block a Hat” video tutorial.

Click here to watch the “How to Decrease for the Crown” video tutorial.

Click here to watch the “Pine Tree Knit Stitch” video tutorial.


Pattern, Knit in the Round:

Holding 2 strands of yarn together.

Using US 7 {4.5mm} circular needles with a 16” {40cm} cable.

CO 84 STS, PM, join in the round.

Rounds 1-29: *K2, P2* about 5” {13cm}

Round 30: K84, INC1

Round 31: *K1, YO, K1, SKP, K5, K2TOG, K1, YO, K1, P1, CR, P1, PM*

Rounds 32, 34, 36, 38: *K13, P1, K2, P1, SM*

Round 33: *K2, YO, K1, SKP, K3, K2TOG, K1, YO, K2, P1, CR, P1, SM*

Round 35: *K3, YO, K1, SKP, K1, K2TOG, K1, YO, K3, P1, CR, P1, SM*

Round 37: *K4, YO, K1, S1PW, K2TOG, PSSO, K1, YO, K4, P1, CR, P1, SM*

Repeat rounds 31-38, 4 more times



When the stitches get too tight switch to a longer cable and knit using the magic loop method.


Decrease for the crown:

Round 72: *K10, K2TOG, PM* {-7 STS 77 STS remain}

Round 73: *K, SM*

Round 74: *K9, K2TOG, SM* {-7 STS 70 STS remain}

Round 75: *K, SM*

Round 76: *K8, K2TOG, SM* {-7 STS 63 STS remain}

Round 77: *K, SM*

Round 78: *K7, K2TOG, SM* {-7 STS 56 STS remain}

Round 79: *K, SM*

Round 80: *K6, K2TOG, SM* {-7 STS 49 STS remain}

Round 81: *K, SM*

Round 82: *K5, K2TOG, SM* {-7 STS 42 STS remain}

Round 83: *K, SM*

Round 84: *K4, K2TOG, SM* {-7 STS 35 STS remain}

Round 85: *K3, K2TOG, SM* {-7 STS 28 STS remain}

Round 86: *K2, K2TOG, SM* {-7 STS 21 STS remain}

Round 87: *K1, K2TOG, SM* {-7 STS 14 STS remain}

Round 88: *K2TOG, remove stitch marker* {-7 STS 7 STS remain}



Without binding-off, cut the yarn leaving a 10” {25cm} tail, pull it through the remaining STS, push through the top hole to the inside and then weave in the ends.



To block this hat I use a saucer. Like a teacup and saucer. ;) I put it inside the hat, so the bottom “swirl” is in the center of the saucer and the saucer is bulging outward, spritz it with some water, pat dry with a clean towel and let it dry overnight.



* – * – repeat between *

CO – cast-on {long-tail cast-on method}

CR – Knit into the front of the second stitch, and then the front of the first stitch and then slip both stitches off

DPNs – double pointed needles

INC1 – make 1 stitch {I use a backwards loop}

K – knit stitches {K1 means to knit 1 stitch}

K2TOG – knit 2 stitches together

P – purl stitches {P2 means to purl 2 stitches}

PM – place marker

PSSO – pass slipped stitch over

S1PW – slip one stitch purl-wise

SKP – slip 1 stitch purl-wise, knit the next stitch, pass the slipped stitch over the knitted stitch

SM – slip stitch marker

STS – stitches

YO – yarn over




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