Most Popular & Best Knitting Patterns

The most popular & best knitting patterns for your knitted wardrobe. Create your own knitted wardrobe with this collection of simple and easy knitting patterns.

These patterns are ideal for beginners who know the basic knitting stitches and are looking to knit their own winter accessories.

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I love, love, love seeing which knitting patterns are your favorite each year!

From the looks of my most popular patterns so far this year, you guys are loving the chunky wintertime knitting patterns with an emphasis on the shrugs.

If you’re anything like me, you’re knitting list is a mile long, yet you’re always on the lookout for the latest trends. I put together this round-up of my most popular patterns to help guide you to the patterns that get the most love.

Most of these free patterns are great for new knitter’s who are looking for simple, quick and easy patterns to knit.

I hope this list saves you time browsing, so you can spend more time knitting.

Browse this list below of my 10 Most Popular & Best FREE Knitting Patterns. You’ll find everything from an oversized shawl, jumbo blanket, chunky knit poncho, shrug sweaters and more.

Chunky Poncho Sweater
This Chunky Poncho Sweater Knitting Pattern is a great pattern for beginner knitters. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to knit a poncho!
-Quick & easy beginner project 
-Video tutorials to help you along the way
-Simple & classic texture
-Lovely drape
-A layer of extra warmth… like a hug
Click HERE to View the FREE Knitting Pattern
model wearing a hand knitted poncho sweater

This Chunky Poncho Sweater Knitting Pattern is a great pattern for beginner knitters. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to knit a poncho!

Patchwork Quilt Blanket Sweater
Knit flat like a blanket, Seamless Patchwork Design using stockinette stitch & the reverse stockinette stitch to create the patches, No Shaping Required, Snuggle worthy!
– Relatively quick project using bulky weight yarn
– A seamless knitted quilt
– Simple & easy construction
– Beginner skill level
– Video tutorial to help you seam the sleeves
Learn how to knit the Patchwork Quilt Blanket HERE
model wearing a hand knit patchwork shrug

Learn how to knit this seamless Patchwork Quilt Blanket Sweater for beginners pattern. If you love knitting blankets, then you’re gonna love this Blanket Sweater Shrug pattern!

Meditation Cocoon Cardigan
Simple Garter Stitch Pattern, Chunky & Cozy, It's a simple shape, aka a rectangle with 2 seams and no shaping. It doesn't get any easier than this!
– Chunky & cozy
– Quick & easy
– No shaping
– Garter stitch
– Beginner Friendly
Get this Beginner Shrug Pattern HERE
model wearing a chunky oversized shrug holding a coffee cup

Master the knit stitch with this Beginner Shrug Knitting Pattern. If you’re an absolute beginner knitter, this is the perfect first time garment pattern. By the time you’ve finished this pattern you’ll have mastered the knit stitch! Using Lion Brand Yarn Wool-Ease Thick & Quick makes it a quick knit too!

Happiness Sock Knitting Pattern
This is a simple tube sock knitting pattern, knit in the round using the magic-loop-method. Using super bulky yarn, this makes for a quick knitting project!
– No heel flap
– Beginner sock pattern
– Chunky Yarn
– Knits up quick
View the FREE Sock Knitting Pattern HERE
a cozy setting with chunky knit socks, coffee, candles and a blanket.

Learning to knit in the round on circular needles using the magic loop method was a game changer for me. I really dislike the look of seams, so the magic loop method allows me to knit small circumferences without seams, like baby hats, socks, leg warmers, fingerless gloves, sleeves, and more. It opened a whole new world of knitting for me. I hope it helps you too. ❤️

Easy Cable Knit Headband Pattern
– Beginner friendly cable pattern
– Includes video tutorials
– Quick Knit
– Giftable!
– 1 ball of yarn project
Learn how to knit cables with this FREE Pattern
cozy scene of a chunky cable knit headband

If you’re like me when I first started knitting and afraid of knitting cables, I knitted for a whole year before I worked up the courage to try cable knitting. That’s okay! I encourage you to just watch the videos to see how it’s done and then one day you might be ready to take the leap into cable knitting. You got this!

Chunky Knit Blanket Pattern
Free chunky knit blanket knitting pattern made with affordable jumbo yarn! This is knit in the stockinette stitch with a seed stitch border. Using jumbo yarn and large needles makes this a quick knit too!
– Warm & Cozy
– On Everyone's Christmas List
– Drool-worthy
– Beginner Friendly
Get this FREE Chunky Knit Blanket Pattern HERE!
cozy scene of a jumbo blanket on a hanging chair

Even thought it’s a quick knit I couldn’t knit a lot at one time, making it a great pattern to alternate with thinner yarns to give my hands a some diversity.

This makes for a beautiful baby blanket too! Not so much to cover up with, but as a pad to lay them on because it’ll help protect them from a cold hardwood floor.

Easy Scoop Shrug Knitting Pattern
t’s knit flat, in a rectangle, like a blanket. No shaping, no increases & no decreases, just a rectangle, with 2 short seams.
– Beginner Scoop Shrug Pattern
– Easy & fun to make
– Knits up quick
Check out this FREE & Easy Shrug Pattern HERE
model wearing a hand knitted shrug

This is a free beginner scoop shrug knitting pattern that I designed so that anyone can knit it! It has a simple texture that lays flat and you can easily alter to fit your body and style. To keep the math at a minimum, it doesn’t have a border, it has a pretty slip stitch edge.

Absolute Easiest Knit Shawl Pattern
– Quick project, for a shawl anyways
– Stress-free knitting experience
– Simple pattern to follow
– Meditative to relax from a long day
– Easy to memorize & knit on the go
– Beginner friendly
– Comfy cozy drape
– It has some weight to it, so it feels like you’re being hugged
Get the Easiest Triangle Shawl Pattern HERE
model wearing a knitted shawl

Are you looking for a beginner triangle shawl knitting pattern? Well, this is absolutely the easiest knit shawl pattern! This shawl starts with a single stitch at the bottom tip. It’s a simple 2 row repeat. Knit all the stitches and then add 2 stitches on every other row.

Waffle Stitch Knit Hat
This is a more advanced knitting pattern for intermediate knitters. 
– Suitable for all seasons
– Great for good & bad hair days
– You’ll want one in every color for every outfit
– Super stretchy for a perfect fit
– Soft & comfortable
– Cozy, warm & stylish
– Great gift for loved ones
– Lots of modification options to knit it to your style!
Check out this FREE Hat Pattern Before You Knit it
waffle knit hat on a model

Looking for the latest style of knitted hat? This waffle stitch knit hat is a popular style this year! What does that mean for you? You get to sport the latest trends at the fraction of the cost and they make great gifts! Especially for those hard to shop for teens, and it’s unisex. :)

Beginner Fingerless Glove Knitting Pattern
You only need to know how to knit the stockinette stitch to make this Beginner Fingerless Glove Knitting Pattern. This is a free knitting pattern for fingerless gloves using 2 needles.
– Simple, quick & easy!
– Stash buster project
– For men or women
– Conveniently wear while using any device
– Easily customizable
Get the FREE Fingerless Glove Pattern HERE
hand model wearing chunky fingerless gloves on a faux fur blanket

Which pattern are you knitting next?

A cozy shrug? An oversized triangle shawl? A chunky poncho sweater? Whichever one you choose I hope you enjoy knitting it and love wearing it.

Happy knitting! 🧶