7 Simple Pumpkin Knitting Patterns

Are you looking to create the perfect cozy fall home décor vibe? Then you’ll love this list of Quick & Easy Pumpkin Knitting Patterns.

From mini knitted pumpkins {stash busting project!} to large knitted pumpkins {think pumpkin pillows!} and everything in between.

;) Happy pumpkin knitting!

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Pottery Barn is my inspiration…
I love all things cozy and PB has some of the coziest home fall décor collections. I was so excited to see their fall collection!

When I went to their website the first thing I saw at the top of the page was a knitted pumpkin. It’s like they designed their website just for me.

They knew I was coming. lol!

Of course, we all know how this story ends… with lots of knitted pumpkin patterns!

Other patterns for pumpkins that you might like:
Knitted pumpkins are the perfect cozy fall aesthetic! Are you looking for a vintage chenille easy knit pumpkin, a soft faux fur knit pumpkin to squeeze or a rustic seed stitch pumpkin pattern?


  • Bring fall indoors, without the mess.
  • Create a cozy fall vibe.
  • Stress-free, relaxing knit. {aka, exact gauge is not required}

When the smell of pumpkin soothes your soul you know it’s fall. The season of pumpkin everything… pumpkin bread, pumpkin rolls, pumpkin spice… you can get anything you can think of in pumpkin flavor. 

Now you can add homemade pumpkin decorations & pumpkin pillows to your list of all things pumpkin that makes your heart happy.

mini knitted pumpkins & larger sized hand knit pumpkinsPin
Cozy, squishy knitted pumpkins in all shapes & sizes!

Browse & purchase the ad-free, downloadable & printable PDF’s here.

How to decorate with knitted pumpkins

1. Display them in odd numbers {3, 5, 7, 9 and so on}.  
2. Knit them in different sizes & colors, creating asymmetry.
3. Create contrast by mixing & matching the patterns for more texture.

Where to decorate with your knitted pumpkins

1. On your fireplace mantel.
2. Decorate your table runner.
3. Coffee table center-piece.
4. Anywhere you might use a throw pillow: bed, sofa, chair, by the fire place.
5. In the bathroom as an air freshener.
6. Have them overflowing out of a woven basket with some throw blankets.
7. Display them on your patio, steps or porch, weather permitting.
8. Snuggle them in with your plants.
9. Nestle them between books and photos on a book shelf.
10. Display them on your office desk with a candle or candle warmer, maybe even with a bowl of candy corn. Just thinking out loud here.
11. Cozy up your cozy corner with some squishy knitted pumpkins and twinkle lights.
12. Create a fun Halloween village, kinda like a Christmas village, but spookier.

Materials You’ll Need

Yarn: Super Bulky, Bulky or worsted weight yarn
Yardage: it depends
Needle Sizes: Straight knitting needles or circular knitting needles
Darning / Tapestry Needle
Stuffing / Polyfill
Twine, optional

Below are 7 pumpkin knitting patterns {FREE} that you’re going to love!

I hope these patterns for pumpkins bring joy to your heart and coziness to your home. :)

Just click on the photo of your favorite knitted pumpkin pattern below to see the full set of instructions.

Happy pumpkin knitting!

List of Pumpkin Patterns

cable knitted pumpkin & several hand knit pumpkins
Cable Knit Pumpkin
Cable knit pumpkins will make your heart jump for joy. It’s time to start knitting some pumpkins for your cozy home fall decor.
Yarn: Lion Brand Re-Spun Thick & Quick
What you'll love: No ribs or seams – just knit, stuff, cinch & you’re done.
Get the FREE Pattern Here
mini knitted pumpkins & larger sized hand knit pumpkins
5 Mini Pumpkin Knitting Patterns : Free, Quick & Easy
5 beginner mini pumpkin knitting patterns that are super quick & easy. Knit your own cozy home decor with these free pumpkin knitting patterns.
All you need to know is how to knit & purl. No increase or decrease in stitches and how to seam up the edges & cinch the top & bottom closed. It’s super simple! ;)
Learn How to Knit Mini Pumpkins HERE

Knitted pumpkins make the perfect cozy homemade fall decor. They bring the feelings of fall to any room.

pic of multiple chunky knit pumpkins
Chunky Knit Pumpkin Pattern, Free
Chunky knit pumpkin pattern knit with super bulky yarn & large knitting needles. Knitted pumpkins for the perfect cozy fall aesthetic!
With the cool weather quickly approaching, it’s time to infuse fall into every nook and cranny in your home. Knitted pumpkins are one of my favorite ways to create a cozy fall vibe!
Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick, Red Heart Hygge or Wool and the Gang Crazy Sexy Wool
What you'll love: Versatile pattern, perfect for any yarn.
View the FREE Pattern Here

All the small pumpkin make great stash-busting projects!

multiple hand knit pumpkins
Faux Fur Pumpkin Knitting Pattern
Faux fur pumpkin knitting pattern that's knit flat using straight needles. This chunky pumpkin knits up super quick with faux fur yarn.
The softest & squishiest of them all!
Yarn: Lion Brand Go For Faux
What you'll love: It looks store bought.
Click Here to Get the FREE Pattern

All these patterns are easy to adjust for different yarns and sizes, so you can make mini little pumpkins or jumbo pumpkins.

large knit pumpkin with a twine stem
Free Large Pumpkin Knitting Pattern
The ultimate large pumpkin knitting pattern! Inspired by Pottery Barns cute & trendy pumpkin pillows. A must-have fall home decor pattern.
Yarn: Red Heart Hygge Fur
What you'll love: It's huggable, like a teddy bear.
Get the FREE Large Pumpkin Pattern Here!

Sometimes all you need is to knit something that makes your heart jump for joy every time you see it.

multiple hand knit pumpkins
Easy Knitted Pumpkin Pattern, Free
Learn how to knit the perfect pumpkin for your fall home décor. This is a free & easy beginner knit pattern for pumpkin lovers!
Yarn: Bernat Pipsqueak {chenille yarn}
What you'll love: I love the pumpkin lines that the yarn naturally creates.
Knit a Jack O’Lantern: You can use this pumpkin pattern as a base pattern for your Halloween Jack O’Lanterns. No matter what yarn you choose. How cute would that be?! Use some left-over yarn, felt or fabric to create a scary or funny face.
View the FREE & Easy Knitted Pumpkin Pattern HERE

Take a slow deep breath, something you didn’t know you needed… homemade knit pumpkins!

hand knit seed stitch pumpkin with a braided stem
Seed Stitch Knitted Pumpkin Pattern, Free
Create the perfect textured pumpkin using the seed stitch. If you can knit and purl, you can easily knit this pumpkin. It’s knitted in the round, so there’s no seaming.
Yarn: Lion Brand Hue + Me
What you'll love: The seed stitch texture.
Click HERE to Get the Pumpkin Pattern

Capture Memories

Knit a new pumpkin every year, capturing time & creating memories. Every year you get to watch your pumpkin patch grow

Hmmm… what are your thoughts on decorating your knitted pumpkin, like a Jack O’ Lantern? Maybe with buttons or googly eyes, or black yarn for the eyes and mouth… Oh my, you can get super creative here!

How fun would it be to knit some pumpkins for the kids or grandkids to decorate each year!?

Aw, I wish I would’ve thought to do this with my kids when they were little!

Environmentally Friendly

Homemade pumpkins make for a great eco-friendly project. At the end of the season you can store your homemade pumpkins and then pull them out to display again next year. Then you can watch your knitted pumpkin patch grow each year… and your creativity. 

Stem Ideas

You can easily add a stem to any of these knitted pumpkins. Get creative with the stem!

1. Use a simple cinnamon stick, which doubles as an air freshener.
2. For a rustic vibe you can use a stick with some twine
3. Felted roving yarn.
4. Braid some yarn or twine with a  wire through it.
5. Knit a stem and leaves.
6. Knit an I-cord.
7. Cinnamon stick {doubles as an air freshener too!}
8. Green curled Christmas wrapping ribbon dangled around the sides.
9. 3″ burlap ribbon wrapped around itself, with a twine bow wrapped around it

Expert tip: Carefully use a hot glue gun to get the stem to stay in place. ;)

several hand knit pumpkinsPin
All the coziness!

Grab that cozy sock pattern here!

Those thoughtfully handmade knitted pumpkins create a cozy home that fills your heart with joy & happiness!

Which pumpkin knitting pattern is your favorite?

What’s next?

Seeing your finished projects is the best part of my job! Tag me on Instagram & Facebook {I might just share it too!}

Happy pumpkin knitting!