» » #212 : New Knitting Pattern : Responsibility Leg Warmers

#212 : New Knitting Pattern : Responsibility Leg Warmers

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I love leg warmers, they’re my favorite accessory!

I don’t knit flat very often, but I know a lot of people like to knit flat, it’s getting back to the basics, so for this pattern I chose the garter stitch.

Leg Warmer Knitting Pattern : Responsibility

To quote Dory “Just keep knitting”

I initially planned to put wood buttons on these, but they’re a little over done, but I couldn’t decide on what I wanted to use instead.
I live about an hour from the city.
I don’t really care for shopping anyway, so I decided to do some shopping online.
Being the instant gratification girl that I am… I didn’t want to wait for something in the mail!
I had all those thoughts in about .543 seconds… It’s exasperating being me. ;)

So, I started looking around my house and in my craft stuff and thought about what I could make buttons out of.
I really wanted to make some pottery type buttons, but I don’t have the stuff or expertise.
That would not satisfy my instant gratification monster.
I do, however, have lots of roving!
I did some research on making felted balls.

Leg Warmer Knitting Pattern : Responsibility

3 hours later…

All I could find were some videos using soapy water or some that just showed you how to felt stuff, but didn’t give any instructions.

So, I decided to try to make some felted balls, without soapy water.
Have I mentioned that I’m instant gratification kinda girl…
I don’t want to wait for them to dry to use them!
So I got to felting. Which is time consuming!
I made about half a dozen before I got one that I liked and could replicate it.

I made a video talking about what I’ve learned.
It’s kinda long, actually it’s a very long video for me.
I like short and sweet!

This project didn’t satisfy my instant gratification monster, however I’m giddy about learning a new technique and the finished product!
It ends up being a win-win.

:) Jennifer