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Would you like to get ALL my new patterns?!
Plus, exclusive patterns?! What?!
Yup! I’m creating exclusive patterns just for my tribe! {that would be you!}

Receive ALL my knitting patterns created just for you emailed directly to your inbox every month!

Why join Brome Fields knitting club?

Collaborate & Communicate
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Who doesn’t like surprises?!
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Save money
For $10.00 per month receive copies of ALL my knitting patterns before I release them! I’ll be emailing multiple {minimum of 3} knitting patterns with varying difficulty levels and yarn thicknesses. Plus, exclusive discounts from the yarn supplier(s), when possible.

For the month of December I have 6 patterns ready to go!

{Warning! Math!… 6 patterns for $10 = that’s $1.67 each. When I normally sell them for $5.00 each. You’re saving $3.33 each, for 6 patterns totaling a savings of… $19.98! 6 patterns x $5 = $30 and you’re only paying $10. There are so many ways to do the math! Confession, I love numbers, they never lie. However, I can add them up wrong. Lol! }

Be #1
Be the first to get access to my patterns!

Access to exclusive knitting patterns
Some may never be released to the public!

Support independent business
I’m just me, doing what I love, for you!

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Video: Fair Isle Knitting

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In this video I’m going to show you how to knit a simple fair isle stitch to create little hearts.

This is an exclusive pattern that you can get by signing up to receive monthly knitting patterns!
Click here to find out more :)

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Simple Fair Isle Knitting Video

Free Mini Pumpkin Knitting Pattern

FREE Mini-Pumpkin Knitting Pattern by Brome Fields

This is a cute little pumpkin!
He measures about 6″ {15cm} wide x 3 1⁄2” {9cm} tall.
I needed to use up some yarn after making a baby hat.
Making this is a great leftover yarn project!
I used maybe 40 yards of yarn.
Plus, he’s easy to resize.
{I made a note in the pattern on how to make it taller.}

Click here to download the FREE knitting pattern!
{You can download or print the PDF immediately, if you’re using Google Chrome the icons are in the top right-hand corner.}

Free Printable PDF Tags

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FREE Printable Tea Gift Tag

For the last few years I’ve been sending out a gift-with-purchase and this year I decided on tea.
Last winter I stumbled upon Numi Organic teas and I fell in love!

FREE Printable Tea Tag

I love the Chamomile Lemon, but the Aged Earl Grey is my favorite. It’s a bit bold, like coffee ;)
So, naturally I want to share it with everyone! And I thought dressing it up a little would be cute, so I created some tea bag cozies to wrap them up in.

FREE Printable Tea Wrapper

The paper I use is 8 1/2″ x 11″ Kraft brown card stock. It’s recycled, aka eco-friendly. You can choose from 65#, 80#, 100# or 105#, I use the 65# and it goes through my laser printer just fine. I don’t print in color, just black. Here’s the direct link on Etsy: Green Earth Supplies {No, I don’t get paid for this. I’m just helping a sister out. It took me long time to find the perfect paper.}

FREE Printable Tea Cozy

There’s 4 to a sheet and they don’t have lines, so you can just cut between them, fold it to fit around your tea bag and then add a cute sticker on the back to keep it closed.

FREE printable PDF Tag{Click on the image above to go to the image and then right click and click “save image as” on your computer. Then you can print it from your computer.}

FREE printable PDF Tag
{Click on the above link so you can download or print the PDF immediately, if you’re using Google Chrome the icons are in the top right-hand corner.}

Fine print:
I have not included any trademarks so you can use them without my logo on them.
And this should go without saying, but please don’t sell, rewrite or distribute.
If you’d like to share these, which I encourage, I ask that you send your friends to my site.
Please do not share these on your blog, website, etc.
If you’re a fellow crafter please feel free to use these.
{If you’re on Instagram I’d love to see pics too! Just tag me @bromefields}

Thank you and enjoy!!!

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