VIDEO : Over-sized Scoop Shrug Sweater Seam

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Here’s a quick video to show you how I sew up the seam for the “sleeves” this over-sized scoop shrug ;) The Decisiveness Scoop Shrug knitting pattern will be released on 2/03/2017! {The reason I’m releasing this video before the pattern is for those that are subscribed to my Monthly … Read More

Cinnamon Toothpicks

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So, I was shopping for ingredients from WildHerb on Etsy to make more deodorant (Yes I make my own deodorant. I haven’t quite perfected it but when I do I’ll share my recipe.) and I came across some cinnamon leaf oil. I love cinnamon! Homemade cinnamon candles would be awesome! … Read More

#205 BEAUTY : Women’s Cowl Knitting Pattern

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Super simple textured cowl knitting pattern! I love the simplicity of this pattern and the texture is wonderful. The combination of this texture and Merino wool is perfect! Click here to get the cowl pattern. Click here to get the hat pattern.

Super easy coaster FREE knitting pattern!

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Here’s a free knitting pattern! It’s a super easy coaster using the Moss Stitch, which happens to be my favorite stitch. It’s super easy and has a lovely texture! I made this swatch a while back and I use you as a coaster in some pictures that I take for … Read More

Best of Brome Fields 2016

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Left side, top to bottom: Right side, top to bottom: Patience Boot Cuffs Clarity Crop Top Strength Leg Warmers Curiosity Cable Knit Hat Harmony Leg Warmers Discipline Sweater Understanding Leg Warmers Inventiveness Leg Warmers Silence Hat Resilience Leg Warmers Patience Boot Cuffs Knitting Pattern Clarity Crop Top Knitting Pattern Strength … Read More

#203: Poncho Knitting Pattern

{I can NOT believe I’ve written over 200 knitting patterns!!!} And I’m still so excited to share them with you! Introducing… the Valiant Poncho… If you know me, you know that I love Harry Potter! This pattern was inspired by the jacket worn by Bathilda Bagshot in the Deathly Hallows … Read More

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